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45cbm Petroleum Aluminum Tank Trailer for Sale

The fuel tank trailer is mainly used to transport various liquid media such as oil, liquefied gas, and water. According to the different needs of customers for transport media, we can recommend and customize the material, size, volume, number of cabins, and appearance of diesel tanker for customers. . Shown here is our custom made 45cbm petroleum aluminum tank trailer, it has been shipped to the customer.

Product Description

45cbm petroleum aluminum tank trailer is one of our best selling oil tanker trailer, it can meet most of customers' transportation needs. In terms of material selection, if you are looking for a lighter tanker trailer weight, you can choose an aluminum tank body. If you transport a lot of liquid and it is heavier, then a strong carbon steel tank body is more suitable for you.

45cbm petrol tanker trailer (3)

Most of the customers will ask us to design the tank body in separate compartments, because it can transport a variety of different liquid media at the same time, which is safer and more convenient for unloading. We will design the manhole cover according to the number of cabins. At the same time, there are many options for the unloading valve. There are ordinary unloading valves that can only unload materials, and API unloading valves that can both unload and feed materials. We can also design for you Unloading pipeline, customized fuel tanker trailer.

45cbm petrol tanker trailer (4)

When unloading 3axles aluminum tank trailer, you can use the unloading pipes placed on both sides of the tank, the climbing ladder at the rear of the semi-trailer, the folding handrails on the top and the non-slip walkway to facilitate you to reach the manhole cover and check the cabin. It should be noted that the tanker truck trailer needs to be equipped with 2 fire extinguishers.

Product Specification


Capacity:45000 liters


Tanker Body thickness:5mm/carbon steel

End Plate thickness:6mm/carbon steel

Wave plate:4mm/carbon steel

Axle:3 axles 13 tons

Suspension:Mechanical Suspension

Manhole:6pcs carbon steel manhole cover, 500mm

Discharging Valve:6pcs API valve, 3 or 4 inch

Discharging Pipe:3”or 4” rubber hose, 2pcs, 6m/each



1. How long can I get my fuel tanker trailer?

Our production is about 15-25 working days after 30% deposit received, Shipping time is about 30-40 working days.

2. How many years guarantee of the fuel tanker trailer?

Wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires), Main beam for 2 years . If you need other spare parts we can supply you at any time.

3. Do you have ready fuel tanker trailer in your yard?

No, we manufacture customized products, when received customer's deposit, we will confirm drawing with customer and then start production. If you need it urgently, we can push order, then finish the production within 10-20 working days.

4.Whats the max liters you have?

Now our export tanker trailer biggest capacity is 60000 liters . if you want more bigger one , we can provide custom made for you.  

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