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40ft Flatbed Tractor Trailer Ready to Ship for Customer

Flatbed semitrailers are usually used to transport 20ft or 40ft containers, they are mainly used for container transportation supporting ships, ports, shipping lanes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport.

Product Description

Flatbed Trailer support device -- Landing gear

Commonly known as landing gear. Using the principle of "standing timber jacking", it is located at the front end of the 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale frame for use after the container semi trailer is separated from the tractor.

Classification of landing gears: Single-acting landing gears are operated separately on both sides, there are two cranks, and each gear has a car gearbox. Linked landing gears are made from both sides while operating. There is only one crank, which is composed of one gearbox and one without.


The main components of the landing gear are two-speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw, and the support plate. The structure is very simple and the function is very important.


In simple terms, a flatbed trailer is a 20ft, 40ft, 48ft or 53ft long flat platform used to transport containers and more.For these types, we can also make flat plates with side walls, side plates with fences, or front plates, or columns to load logs.



Use:Truck Trailer




Max Payload:60T

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:fudeng

Product name:flatbed semi trailer

Suspension:Mechanical Suspension Air Suspension

Tire:11.00r20 12r22.5 315 385

Tare Weight:7.5T


Main Beam:Q345B

Leaf Spring:90(W)mm*13/16 (Thickness)mm*10(Layer)

Twist Locks:12sets

King pin:2"(50mm)or3.5"(90mm) JOST


1.The frame structure of the flat semi-trailer is made of high-strength steel to ensure its durability.

2.The weight of the whole flatbed semitrailer is light, and its anti twist, anti shock and anti bump capabilities are guaranteed to meet different road bearing capacities.

3. Customized service: we provide customers in different countries and regions with different transport needs with different design schemes for flatbed semi-trailer, so that customers can customize the semi-trailer to meet their own needs.


Q1: How you can control your trailers' quality?
A: 1.We have strict control of raw materials, include steel, aluminum materials, we cooperate with high quality raw materials supplier.
2.Our workman and engineers all have strict training and assessment system, and they have many years of relevant experience.
3.Our production equipment is quite advanced including the introduction of some foreign large equipment.
4.About each unit trailers, after production , we have one set of testing such as air pressure testing, loading testing, water pressure testing and so on.

Q2: What’s your payment terms?
A:Our payment term is 100% T/T. 30% deposit before production,  70% balance before shipment.

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