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What is the maintenance method of sprinkler windshield glass?

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The windshield of the sprinkler has the functions of shielding from wind and rain and sun protection. If the maintenance is not good, such as scratches, it will bring adverse effects to driving.

1. When installing explosion proof solar film,sprinkler windshield glass it is better to choose good quality, so as to better maintain the windshield.

sprinkler windshield glass

2. When cleaning the windshield glass, sprinkler windshield glass a special windshield glass cleaning fluid is required. Generally, the windshield glass cleaning fluid sold on the market can only be used for cleaning the outer layer of the windshield glass of the car, and should not be used for cleaning the inner surface of the automobile glass. It should be noted that the windshield cleaning solution containing methanol cannot be used, sprinkler windshield glass because it is harmful to the human body. To clean the front and rear windshields, you can use a commercially available glass cleaning solution, and then dry it with a soft cloth or no towel. Wipe clean. When wiping the rear window glass, sprinkler windshield glassbecause the wireless wire and defrosting heating wire are laid on the inside of the glass, when cleaning or wiping, move left and right according to the direction of the wire, bite gently and gently, and do not rub hard in the up and down direction to prevent the wireless wire and the defrosting increase. The hot wire is displaced or even torn off.

3. Do not use hot water to water the windshield in winter, and do not wash the windshield with cold water in summer.

4. On the way of driving, pay attention to large trucks that transport sand and soil. These vehicles often drop stones and sand. If the truck is driving in front and you are too close to the vehicle, the falling stones will be enough to break your windscreen. . even crushed.

sprinkler windshield glass2

How to maintain the sprinkler engine:

1. Use lubricating oil of appropriate quality grade. For the sprinkler engine, SD-SF grade gasoline engine oil should be selected according to the additional devices and operating conditions of the intake and exhaust system; the sprinkler vehicle engine should be selected according to the mechanical load of CB-CD grade diesel oil, sprinkler windshield glass and the selection standard should not be lower than the manufacturer's requirements. prevail.

2. Maintenance of the three filters of the sprinkler: The three filters refer to the air filter, the oil filter and the gasoline filter. The three filters play a role in filtering air, oil and gasoline on the sprinkler engine, so as to protect the sprinkler engine and improve the working efficiency of the engine.

sprinkler windshield glass3

3. Regularly replace the oil and filter element. The oil quality of any quality grade of lubricating oil will change during use. In order to avoid failures, the oil should be changed regularly according to the conditions of use, sprinkler windshield glass and the amount of oil should be moderate (generally, the upper limit of the oil dipstick is better).

4. Clean the crankcase regularly. During the operation of the sprinkler engine, the high-pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and are mixed with the metal powder produced by the wear of the parts. , forming sludge. Therefore, sprinkler windshield glass the crankcase of the sprinkler should be cleaned regularly to keep the interior of the engine of the sprinkler clean.

5. Rusting and scaling of the engine water tank of the sprinkler is a common problem. Rust and scale can restrict the flow of coolant in the cooling system.


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