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50 M3 LPG Storage Tank for Sale

LPG storage tank can be used to store liquefied petroleum gas (propane), propylene, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether, methanol, butadiene, isobutane, ethylene oxide, methylamine and other medium-low temperature liquefied gases with different properties; The volume can be selected from 10 cubic meters to 100 cubic meters.

Product Description

50 m3 LPG storage tank for sale

The main specifications of liquefied gas tanks are 5 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 15 cubic meters, 20 cubic meters, 25 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 60 cubic meters, 80 cubic meters, 100 cubic meters, 120 cubic meters, 200 cubic meters, etc. We can also design according to user's requirements.

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Painting process: 

Two layers of epoxy iron red primer, one layer of acrylic gray primer, and two layers of acrylic metal paint are applied on the surface of liquefied gas storage tank, and the middle is sprayed with "No Smoking"

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Packaging and transportation: 

According to JB/T4711-2003 Pressure Vessel Coating and Transportation Packaging.

Optional safety accessories: safety valve, magnetic flap level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, stop valve, etc

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LPG tank manufacturing process:

1. Strict quality appraisal of the material, appearance dimension, weld quality, operation quality, installation quality, internal devices and safety accessories of the pressure components of the product.

2. Non-destructive testing shall be carried out on its welded joints, welds, tank heads, and pressure components. Only products passing the testing can be delivered to ensure product quality.

3. The product shall undergo 620 degree stress relief annealing heat treatment before spraying the finish paint, and then conduct hydraulic test and air tightness test to ensure the safe application of the product.

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Installation of liquefied gas storage tank:

Due to the particularity of its special equipment, the installation of liquefied gas storage tank products also has special regulations. The personnel who install liquefied gas storage tank products must have the fire protection qualification recognized by the state to engage in the relevant installation work. During the installation of storage tank equipment, not only should pay attention to the rigid regulations such as the safe fire protection spacing, but also pay more attention to the quality of the installation project, pipelines, electrical appliances, fire protection, water supply and drainage Lightning protection facilities must be inspected by the supervision department before being put into use.


Filling medium: liquefied petroleum gas (propane)

Volume: 50 m3

Design pressure: 1.77MPa

Design thickness of cylinder: 14mm

Design thickness of head: 14mm

Main material: Q345R

Corrosion allowance: 1mm

Heat treatment method: stress relief heat treatment

Tank mass: 9560kg

Filling mass: 21000kg

Overall dimension (inner diameter × wall thickness × Length): 2400 × 14 × 11508

Filling coefficient: 0.95

Hydrostatic test pressure: 2.22MPa

Medium density: 420 (50 ℃)

Executive standard: GB150 Steel Pressure Vessel, Pressure Vessel Safety Technical Supervision Regulation

Optional safety accessories: safety valve, magnetic flap level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, stop valve, etc

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