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What aspects should be paid attention to during the running-in period of the trailer?

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The trailer is a kind of unpowered road vehicle that can be used normally only because it has no power itself, carries an independent load, and relies on the tractor head to drive. Mainly used for: carrying goods, running transportation and other special purposes. So what aspects should be paid attention to during the running in period of the trailer?

The trailer manufacturer recommends a comprehensive inspection before leaving the vehicle, requiring correct and reliable connection with the main engine, normal braking system, tire pressure in compliance with regulations, and no looseness, cracking and deformation in each part; Be sure not to overload. The goods in the compartment should be evenly distributed, so as to avoid the danger of the carriage being inclined.

Lowbed semitrailer5

Trailer manufacturers recommend that new semi trailers should be run in. When running in, the load should not exceed 80% of the rated load mass; after driving at a medium speed of about 150 kilometers, you should pay attention to observe the temperature of the bearing, the wheel hub, and whether the fasteners such as the leaf spring and wheel are tightened. Tighten these parts once every 40 kilometers or so, and they can be used normally after being fastened three times.

The inspection of the semi-trailer before travel is very important, which is related to the safety of the vehicle and itself. A series of inspections must be done before traveling to ensure that the semi trailer can travel more safely.

Shandong semi trailer manufacturers recommend that you first check whether the tires of the semi-trailer are leaking, the tires are not full of air, check whether there are any debris attached to the tires, and observe whether the steel rims of the tires are deformed or cracked; Check the screws one by one to see if they are fastened. Don’t bother first. If you are driving and the screws are loosened or dropped, an accident will definitely occur, and you will regret it later, so be sure to remove every screw on the tire. all tightened.

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Shandong semi trailer manufacturers suggest to check the braking system, first feel whether the braking system is abnormal and whether the response is sensitive. At the same time, check the tires to see if there are foreign objects or damaged areas on them, and see if the trailer tires are short of steam, or if there are too many debris in the tire grooves. Also check whether the steel rim is deformed or not and the tire wear marking line. If the marking line has been worn, the tire should be replaced in time.

When it is necessary to separate the tractor from the semi trailer, Shandong semi-trailer manufacturers suggest plugging the front and rear tires of the semi trailer with triangular wood or stones to prevent them from slipping, and then lower the auxiliary support frame of the semi trailer to the ground. Contact, untie the connector of the brake pipeline and the plug of the light cable, and then open the locking mechanism of the saddle type grinding disc, so that the tractor drives away from the semi trailer to complete the separation. To recombine the tractor and semi trailer, operate in the opposite equidistant of the sharing.

Shandong semi trailer manufacturers suggest that when changing lanes on highways and other high traffic sections, not only should the taillights be turned on for a reminder, but also be optimistic about whether there is a car behind. The distance is changing lanes, or changing lanes after waiting for a vehicle behind to overtake.To recombine the tractor and semi trailer, operate in the opposite equidistant of the sharing.



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