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U Type Rear Tipping Truck Trailer for Sale

U type real tipping truck trailer is applicable to the transportation of bulk and bulk cargoes such as coal, ore and construction materials. U type tipper truck trailer has strong cargo carrying capacity, can adapt to a variety of road conditions, and has the characteristics of high lifting height and fast unloading. At the same time, the real tipper trailer is easy to operate and can effectively meet the diversified and personalized needs of users.

Product Description

Our most popular tipping trailer is the real tipping truck trailer. The tipping-trailer in the form of backward lifting is flexible in loading goods. However, due to the high height of the semi-trailer raised, the center of gravity is easy to become unstable.


The following are the unloading techniques of the real tipper trailer:

1. The unloading site shall be flat. This is the first thing that car owners should pay attention to. They must choose a place with flat ground for unloading, especially there should be no slope on the left and right sides. If the center of gravity shifts after the tipper trailer is lifted, it is very easy to cause rollover.

2. The ground for unloading shall be firm. Generally, the weight of the tipper trailer is relatively large. If the ground is relatively soft, it is easy to cause the wheel to sink, the body to shake or the trailer to roll over.

3. The guardrail at the unloading position is converted into a baffle. This is also a method provided by the car owner to prevent the tire from burying. The guardrail beside the tire is converted into a baffle. Pay attention to the height from the ground, so that it is not easy to bury the tire when unloading.

4. Do not lift the hydraulic rod all at once. It is recommended that the owner pay more attention to the observation during the unloading process. When the hydraulic rod is raised, observe the trailer. If there is no deviation or buried tire, continue to raise.




1. The carriage adopts the way of back tipping and self dumping, which can effectively improve the efficiency of transporting bulk goods.

2. The frame and the longitudinal beam of the carriage are welded with high-quality materials, and the cargo box is U-shaped and square. It has the advantages of high strength, strong lifting capacity and strong bearing capacity, and is not prone to deformation.


Use:Truck Trailer



Place of Origin:China

Product name:U type rear tipping semi trailer

Size of box:customized

Loading Capacity: 40 ton-60 ton

Axle :4 units 13 ton, heavy axles for Africa rough road condition

Suspension:Mechanical Suspension Air Suspension

Tire:11.00r20 12r22.5 315 385

Main Beam:Q345B

Leaf Spring:90(W)mm*13/16 (Thickness)mm*10(Layer)

King pin:2"(50mm)or3.5"(90mm) JOST

Accessories:One standard tool box and spare tire carriers



Q1. How will I conduct the transaction?

(1)We need to confirm the trailer specification then send you best quote, and we can confirm the payment, delivery time, order amount and production time together, after all confirmed I will send you the proforma invoice with our factory bank details.

(2)If PI is ok, you can arrange 30% deposit to our factory bank account, and provide me the bank slip.

(3)After received deposit, start arrange production. And will send you trailer pictures or videos during the production.

(4)After finish production, we will inform you to pay 70% balance. When balance received start to arrange shipping. Then send original documents by DHL, And we will keep you updated estimated time of arrival.

Q2. What’s your payment terms?

A:Our payment term is 100% T/T. 30% deposit before production, will send you pictures or video after finish production to let you confirm, and you will arrange 70% balance before shipment. After balance received, we will help you book the latest ship as soon as possible.

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