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What is the difference between semi trailer and full trailer?

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The traction semi trailer means that a separate front trailer is dragged on the cargo box, and the front of the trailer can be separated from the cargo box.

There are two types of tractor trailers: one is semi trailer, and the other is a full trailer.

Let's talk about the semi trailer first. I don't know if the landlord has seen the liberation car in the 5.60s. The latter is with a cargo box. Finally, a cargo box is dragged. There is a cannon on the cargo box.

semi trailer2

The semi trailer means that the trailer itself has a cargo box, but for the sake of convenience, a cargo box is dragged behind the cargo box. The last cargo box can be separated. Such a trailer is called a semi trailer. Full trailer: As the name suggests, the cargo box can be separated, and a car needs to be dragged.

In my country's transportation industry, side wall semi trailers are a widely used model, which plays a great role in cargo transportation. Depending on the types of transportation, semi trailers can be subdivided into columns,fence, low flat flats, vocations, cans, containers, skeleton types and other types.

Under normal circumstances, semi trailer do not have the driving force, and often need to use the power of the traction car to achieve driving, that is, the traction trailer needs to be dragged forward by the trailer. Therefore, many trailer owners are also used to calling side wall semi trailers a trailer or mop.

full trailer2

Is the semi trailer and trailer the same model?

To be precise, it is not the same model. Although from the model, semi trailer and trailer refer to models that have no motivation and need to provide power to provide power, but the difference between the two is relatively obvious. This difference is mainly in the connection method with the traction bulk cement trailer.

The difference between semi trailer and trailer:

The connection between the semi trailer and the traction trailer mainly depends on the saddle and traction. These two components are the key parts of the bulk cement semi trailer connection. The connection is connected through the lock mechanism. , Dynamic impact, etc.

From the appearance point of view, after the semi trailer connected to the tractor, the front end of the semi trailer was on the back of the tractor. The steering function was realized through the saddle.

full trailer

The connection between the trailer and the traction trailer mainly depends on the traction rod, and hangs the trailer trailer on the hook of the tractor.

Such a connection method can keep the end dump trailer's ability to swing or swing up and down or swing up and down during driving, which can improve the flexibility of the trailer and be more suitable for the use of complex road conditions. When driving, stability will be affected to a certain extent.

It is also for this reason that rear dump trailers are generally used in fields, airports, stations, and logistics parks, and they are relatively small in specialized freight scenarios.

Regardless of whether it is a semi trailer or a trailer, the bridge use is generally a typical support bridge and does not have driving or steering functions.

The tonnage of the semi trailer bridge is generally between 13T-25T. The main lightweight semi traierl bridge is about 10t. The heavy duty semi trailer specific bridge, such as the three-line six-axles bridge, can reach 80T or even hundreds of tons.

In contrast, the tonnage of the trailer is relatively small, which is generally concentrated in 3T-10T, of which 5T and 8T are the most common.


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