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How to prevent rear dump turn over?

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As an engineering vehicle, dump trucks drive the hydraulic mechanism by driving the hydraulic mechanism by the dump truck's engine to complete the purpose of the inclined movement to achieve unloading. When the unloading is completed, reset. So how to prevent turning over the rear dump after turning over the dump?

When unloading the car, it is necessary to ensure that the ground is flat, especially the left and right should be flat. In addition, when the cargo box rises, the gravity of the entire rear dump semi    trailer will be moved back, so the flat ground is very important.

rear dump

Sometimes when we see that after turning the self unloading rear dump,we are named on a flat road, but it is still over. It is because the landed land is soft. After the pressure of the body, the ground collapses. Flip.

After turning the self unloading rear dump unloading, the driver also needs to pay attention to the operation. First of all, open the backpack. It seems very simple. The common sense does not need to be reminded. If you don’t pay attention to it High, uneven roads, and serious consequences.

Avoid unloading and unloading and unloading: Unloading the ground flat

rear dump trailer5

This one mentioned in the reminder of almost all rear dump drivers. This is also the problem that dump trucks should pay attention to. The ground of the dumping place must be flat, especially the left and right.

If the center of self unloading the rear dump is shifted after the center of gravity occurs, it will generate a large center bias, which is very prone to flipping.

Summary: Find a stable place (must be stable!) After opening the baffle, slowly rise to the top! When it is rising to the first section, you must get out of the rear dump to check. By the second quarter, note that because all the weights are behind, the weight of the rear axle tires is added to more, and check whether the tires on both sides have collapsed. If there is a collapsed Raise! If there is no collapse, you can slowly go forward, then raise, and keep the body stable at all times! Note: When you bring forward, you must walk slowly, brake slowly, no, the body shakes the body shaking Very big, easy to cause rollover!

Avoid unloading and unloading and unloading: the ground must be strong to prevent dump from getting in the dump.

rear dump3

There is also a possibility on the flat road surface, that is, the weight of the rear dump truck is large, the ground is soft, and the force of the wheels becomes greater after raising.

In response to this situation, the suggestions given by netizens are more to pay more attention when unloading the truck. When the Douzi played half of the tires on both sides, rear dump was best to help watching outside the car and watching it. Is there any tilt of the hydraulic cylinder? If there is a tilt situation, use the slow gear to the top, and change to a smooth place.

Avoid unloading and unloading and turning over the car: After the bucket can be opened

The selection of the unloading location is right, and the driver also needs to pay attention to the operation. The first step is to open the back bucket. rear dump seems very simple that it does not need to remind the common sense. However Happening. If you do n’t pay attention to opening, the entire dump ’s center of gravity is rising after the car is raised, the road surface is uneven, and the consequences will be very serious!


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