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Tri-axles 80T Low bed gooseneck trailer for sale

Low bed gooseneck trailer are usually used to transport heavy vehicles (such as tractors, buses, special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery (such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paving machines, cranes, etc.) ) And other heavy-duty cargo, the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, and the stronger the ability to transport ultra-high cargo and pass overhead obstacles.


Product Description

Tri-axles 80 tons low bed gooseneck semi trailer for sale

FUDENG low bed semi trailer description:

      Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., LTD is in the leading position of trailer production in China. As our company main product, FUDENG low bed gooseneck trailer is very popular in China. The using of gooseneck reduces the height of the platform, so the low plate can transport some mechanical equipment.The width of the rear plate is generally 3m wide, but you can choose to add extender device, so that the max width of the back plane can reach 3.5m, then you can transport larger mechanical equipment. 

    The rear platform of the low bed gooseneck semi traielr is 4mm thickness, 1mm thicker than the ordinary flatbed, so its bearing capacity will be higher, and the checkered platform increases the friction between the construction machinery and the platform, effectively preventing accidents happened.

white lowbed2

Click on the picture to know detailed information

       When loading mechanical equipment on a low bed gooseneck semi trailer, the mechanical equipment is usually loaded from the rear end of the low bed semi trailer, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel frame or the wheels are removed, and then the mechanical equipment is fixed on the semi-trailer superior.

       In the picture, the low bed semi trailer is equipped with mechanical ramp, but our low bed semi trailer is customized product. Whether you have requirements for ramps, or the number and brand of axles, and the brand or size of tires, our factory can meet your customized requirements.

white lowbed3

Click on the picture to know more information of it 

FUDENG lowbed gooseneck trailer Specification:



Bottom Plate Quality
Q345(4mm pattern board)
Traction Pin
50#or 90#
Mechanical Suspension/ Air Suspension
Tire Brand
Tubeless Tyre 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5 , Wire Tyre 11.00 R20,12.00 R20
Landing Leg
28t Single/Linkage
Hydraulic Ladder/Spring Ladder
Leaf Spring
10 layers
Color&Logo By custom requirement
Shipping Terms RORO or Bulk cargo
Box Tool
Braking Gas Chamber
Six Oxygen Chamber

FUDENG low bed gooseneck semi trailer production:

lowbed semi trailer(1)

Click on the picture to know the production process


FUDENG lowdeck semi trailer Advantage:

1. Fudeng Lowdeck semi trailer is made of high tensile Q345 steel.

2. Reinforced Mechanical Suspension and Reinforced Leaf Spring of lowdeck semi trailer.

3. Rear Lengthened type ladder suit for more Construction Machinery.

4. 4mm checkered middle platform with greater capacity.

5. Customized lowdeck semi trailer with multi-use.

6. World famous brand spare part, ensure high quality and save costs.

FUDENG low boy gooseneck trailer details:

lowbed details

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FUDENG low bed gooseneck trailers are customized product, We can provide all the models you need and support customization on your requirement.

(1). 28T Landing Gear; One or Two side operation on your requirement; JOST or FUWA brand.

(2). Reinforced "I" beam,  Top flange 20mm Middle 12mm Bottom Flange 25mm or reinforece the beam on your requirement.

(3). Axle: 12T 13T 16T Axles; FD, L1, FUWA, BPW, YURK brand on your requirement. Multi-axles, such as 4axles 5axles 6axles on your requirement too.

(4). Tyre: Tubeless tyres or Steel wire tyres; Double-tyres or Super single tyres on your requirement.

(5). Mechanical ramp or Hydraulic ramp on your requirement.

(6). Mechanical Suspension or Air Suspension on your requirement.

(7). Extender device: 0.1m 0.2m 0.25m on your requirement.

(8). Painting and LOGO: we can paint your logo on or make stickers on your low boy gooseneck trailer.


FUDENG low boy semi trailer shipping in port:

lowbed trailer shipping

click on the picture to know shipping method of it

Our service is for the sake of customers. You can arrange your own ships to pick up the goods at Chinese ports, and we can also help you arrange the shipments. We will choose a professional shipping company and will also insure your low boy semi trailer on the road. Ensure the safe and stable delivery of the trailer to your hands.

    The low boy semi trailer will ship to your country by Bulk Cargo or RO-RO. If you buy more than two low boy semi trailers, we will reduce the volume by stacking, so as to reduce the ocean freight cost for you. 


FUDENG low loader semi trailer client feedback:

low bed feedback (1)

This Nigerian customers saw the feedback of FUDENG 3 axle low bed gooseneck trailer from Ghanaian customers on Google. The customer immediately found us and said that they liked FUDENG 3 axle low bed gooseneck trailer very much, the low loader semi trailer looks strong and durable. In the beginning, customer wanted to know the use effect and experience of FUDENG low loader semi trailer. This is the first time he intends to buy a trailer from China, so he wants to know more about our low bed gooseneck trailer.

     We understood it very well. Our sales manager patiently explains all the customer's problems. Our old customer in Nigeria also knew about this situation and helped us talk to that customer. After a conversation, the customer finally know that Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., LTD is in the leading position of trailers product in China. Not only the product quality is high, but also there is a good guarding service.

      When the trailer was actually used, he found that the previous hesitation was completely unnecessary. He didn't expect to buy a low loader semi trailer at a low price, but the quality is still so good. Our 3 axle low loader semi trailer already known as High Quality, High-Cost Performance name. Because we are not only supply customers the good quality 3 axle low boy semi trailer but also offer our best service. Start from the negotiation with customers, we give our experienced professional advice for customers to help them make decisions to purchase the best 3 axle low loader trailer for their transporting business.

       The customer just bought a trailer at the beginning, but after using it for three months, the customer placed another order for three low boy trailers. In this way, the cost of shipping will be reduced, and the overall price will be lower.



1. How long can I get my lowbed semi trailer?

Our production is about 15-25 working days after 30% deposit received, Shipping time is about 30-40 working days.

2. How many years guarantee of the lowbed semi trailer?

Wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires), Main beam for 2 years . If you need other spare parts we can supply you at any time.

3. Do you have ready lowbed semi trailer in your yard?

No, we manufacture customized products, when received customer's deposit, we will confirm drawing with customer and then start production. If you need it urgently, we can push order, then finish the production within 10-20 working days. 

You are always welcome to inquire any time!

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