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Customer Visiting and Feedback, Listen to the Voice of the Customer

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Shandong FUDENG Automobile Co.,Ltd is the best and large manufacturer of the semi trailer and truck in China. The semi-trailers and trucks we produce are very popular in Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, and are widely sold in various countries. FUDENG semi-trailers have successfully entered more than 50 countries. Such as Tanzania, Mozambique,  Malawi,  Zimbabwe, Zambia, Algeria, Sudan, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal, Argentina, Chile, etc. We factory has over 20 years manufacturer experience of the semi trailer and truck and has hundreds of employees in our factory, we have very rich experience in production and design. Our main products is container flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, bulk cement semi trailer, side loader semi trailer, low bed semi trailer, front loader gooseneck low bed semi trailer,dump tipper semi trailer, howo/shacman truck head and dump truck and so on. 

Now because of our High-quality, patient and professional services have won praise from countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. Now diverse semi trailers and trucks hot sell, a lot of customers, the new customers in order to we can ensure the quality of the trailer and truck like what we say that, they will plan to come to China to visiting our factory to see the specific  produce line at our trailer and truck factory. Customers are very welcomed come to China. We will pick our customers up at the station after received their message, After a warm hospitality, we will take customers to visit our factory that produces trailers on site. The following is a case of our low-flat customers visiting the factory.

customer visiting(1)(1)

This red low bed semi trailer has been produced in accordance with the customer's requirements before the customer comes. Customers will be more assured if they come to see it on the spot. We will once again introduce the advantages and quality of our products and the design for customers in detail. For example, a widening device is installed according to customer requirements, the gooseneck is reinforced, and the bottom plate is thickened, etc. The customer gave a thumbs up to the camera, praised our product quality as very good, and said that he would make a purchase in the future.

client visiting(2)(1)

This is our customers from Ghana to visiting our factory. The customer was very satisfied after seeing the car at the factory, and felt that our production process was very advanced and professional. He hesitated for a long time before placing an order because he was still worried that the quality of the product was not guaranteed. This time the factory visit did not disappoint the customer. On the spot, the customer signed a contract with us, saying that our car will provide him with huge economic benefits. This is also our vision. Through our products, let the customer's business develop and grow, we will have more and longer-term cooperation. 

feedback from our customer(1)

Our customers trust us very much after buying our products, and they have a very high stickiness with us. Every day, customers' cars will be shipped to the port one after another, and we will receive a lot of good feedback from customers. This is our happiest time. At the final, welcome to come to China to visit our factory in any time. We can't let you down.

If you are interested in our low bed semi trailer, welcome to ask price with our sales manager.


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