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Super link side wall semi trailer

This is Fudeng Automobile Co.,ltd in China. We are the manufacturer of the semi trailer and truck, our main products have flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer. fence cargo semi trailer, low bed semi trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, cement bulk tanker semi trailer

Product Description

Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd is focus on semi trailers, our main products has flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer fuel tank trailers, dump trailers with 30 years experience. 2,3,4 axles with different capacity and deadweight.Customizable according to your specific need.

Super link side wall semi trailer is also called interlink trailer. Fudeng super link a 20ft 2 axle side wall trailer and a 40ft 2 axle side wall trailer together. This super link flatbed trailer is used to transport containers and dry cargo,make shipping more efficient .It is popular in Africa like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Malawi, Burundi etc.  Like this type semi trailer, we have super link semi trailer and inter link semi trailer for your choose. We can do link flatbed semi trailer, super and inter link side wall semi trailer and skeletonal chassis semi trailer for ur customers.

side drop semi trailer

Nowdays, due to the transport need is increaing day by day. No matter do container and bulk cargo transportation, the transportation efficient now is always increasing from our customers. So if you engaged in bulk cargo and container transportation, the super link side wall semi trailer can increase your transport efficient greatly. That is why more and more customers prefer use it to do transportation. As for it, we have professional factory to produce it, all the details of it can customized according to your specific need, such as the height of the side wall, and the design type of side wall and the max payload capacity etc, we can customized accoring to your demand. As you can see above photo of super link side wall semi trailer,  the side wall of it can be detached according to your need, that is very easy to operate and very convenient for your use.

semi trailer

As you can checked, we will design the small discharge room for you, this type design also by your requirements. In general,  use this 2 units supern link side wall semi trailer can transport 60-70 tons is no problem.  We will install  twist locks to fixing container beside bulk cargo. At the front one back, will have a traction to pull the second one to do transportation. If you need it or you interested in it, welcome to inquiry!


Feature: Carry 1X20FT、1X40FT、or 2X20FT container& Dry cargo

Dimension(L*W*H): 19000*2500*2100mm

Main frame: Heavy duty and extra durability design; Opting for high tensible low carbon alloy Q345B steel; I beam welded by automotive arc-submerge process

No. of axle: 2 sets front + 2 sets back

Payload(kgs): 60000

Tare weight(kgs): 10500

Kingpin: 90# and 50#

Landing gear: JOST brand landing gear

Tire size: 12R22.5

Rim size: 9.00*22.5

Axle: 13T*4sets

Height of side wall: customized 

Suspension: Suspension with 8pcs of leafs spring

Brake system: Dual line with WABCO brand

Painting: S.A.2.5 standard sandblasting; Two coat of anti-corrosion prime; one coat of finish painting

Accessory: One tool box; one set of standard tool


 One set super link side wall semi trailer can offer almost 2 units trailer's transportation productivity for you. It is very easy to operate, you can choose link double trailer or single trailer according to your transport demand.

side drop semi trailer (1)(1)

This one I show you is 2 units side wall link together to do transport, if you have your own flatbed semi trailer and fence cargo semi trailer, that is can removable, you can change the back one to your own flatbed semi trailer and fence semi trailer.

side wall semi trailer(1)

 The more details parts of super link side wall semi trailer

side wall semi trailer

  1. adjustable traction height

  2. reinforced main beam for heavy duty capacity

  3. Thickened mechanical suspension can well adapt rough road condition

  4. Well and personal design


Our advantage:

  1. Excellent welding technology: The trailer adopts automatic submerged arc welding method to weld the main beam, the main parts of the trailer are processed with advanced equipment.  Our semi trailer with thickened structure design for you, use more material to make more durable trailer for you.

  2. Stable freight: In order to ensure the optimal structure for cargo handling and larger loads, the chassis is made of space frame structure made of high-strength steel, steel welded longitudinal beam and integrated            beam.The board surface is a checkerboard, which can effectively fix the goods and prevent the goods from sliding. High quality container locks ensure the stability and safety of cargo.

 3. Advanced hardware: the spring suspension is widened by multiple layers, which is stable and durable, and the extra layer ensures stability and safety. High performance domestic and imported axles are selected, and ABS system is optional to greatly improve driving safety. The landing gear and brake system we use famous brand, JOST landing gear.


Is it strong, how many ton is it?

Yes, It is very strong. Our factory adopt high tensile steel material and with advanced production equipment, superb welding technology and strict quality control procedures. The capacity can be design depend on different trailer type.

Which brand of your trailer?

We are FUDENG brand, I believe that you must have seen our trailer on road in your country.

What’s your payment terms?

Our payment term is 100% T/T. 30% deposit before production, will send you pictures or video after finish production to let you confirm, and you will arrange 70% balance before shipment. After balance received, we will help you book the latest ship as soon as possible.


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