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Draw Bar Side Tipper Trailer Full Trailer


Product Description

China Fudeng brand customized 2-3 axles 40-50 tons capacity full stake trailer with turnable draw bar on sale---manufacturered by the leading semi trailer manufacturer. The customized 2-3 axles full stake cargo trailer is one of our main products. We specialized in diverse semi trailer export, such as flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer, low bed semi trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, cement bulk semi trailer, and we also sell truck head and dump truck. This is the 2 axles full stake cargo trailer with draw bar. It be pull by the tractor truck head, at the front of it, it is very flexible on the road to turn the direction, at the fronto it , use the draw bar to connect with the hore truck. This kind of full stake trailer can increase and improve the transport efficient, because the full stake trailer has muti-functional for your transportation. First, it can load drverse bulk cargo for you like the side wall and fence cargo semi trailer, and the load capacity power is stronger than side wall semi trailer and fence cargo semi trailer, the transport efficient will be improved greatly. At the same time, use it to do transportation to do business can save more fuel rather than other bulk cargo semi trailer.


It has another function like the tipper trailer, also used to transport sand, stone and other construction material etc, the main beam and the thickness of the side wall is thickened, the side wall can be detached according to you need when you want to discharge the goods. The style of the side wall can design according to your need, if you want to customized the door at the back of it like this 2 axles full stake trailer, we also can do it according to your need.  This is our products advantage, 2 axle full trailer for heavy full trailer is safe, simple and durable, trailer itself is without power, need the tractor to tow it or forklift truck, full trailer greatly improve the effeciency of goods transfer,reduce the manpower cost. Use the less cost from you to bring the great business income for you.



Overall dimension8000mm*2500mm*3700mm
2 axles or customized, 13T
side wall height1000mm or customized 
heavy duty reinforced mechanical suspension 
tire12 units tyres
landing gearlifting capacity 28 T JOST landing gear
bake systemWABCO
electrical system24V
shippingby bulk ship or RO-RO ship


At the front of it, the full stake with drawbar, it use to connect with the horse truck, at the same time, it can achieve one horse truck to pull two units full stake trailer use the draw bar the front. It can turn flexible, use the draw bar pull muti- full stake trailer to do transportation is very efficient.



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