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China 61900 Litres LPG Tank Trailer

61900 litres LPG tank trailer , it is for liquid petrol gas transport ,china high quality lpg tank trailer capacity customizes accord with transportation demand .We are one of the professional manufacturer in North of China ,can provide stronger tanker for you .
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Product Description

LPG tank trailer is made of special material high quality carbon steel material. As a professional LPG tank trailer manufacturer in China,we have the aptitude to design and manufacture different type of pressure vessel, we can design the strict quality to meet international Tank trailer specifications ,manufacturing processing of LPG tank trailer is complex and strict. Prevention is always better than cure. Detecting welding by radio-graphic and ultrasonic inspection. Detecting leakage by hydro-static test and pneumatic test, issued a pressure vessel inspection certificate. Our experienced service engineers will plan the maintenance of your entire plant to avoid breakdowns and keep costs down.

LPG tank trailer usually design round ship,the tank body and end plate material design is meticulous ,usually , we use water pressure to make the end plate shape ,for welding , workshop have high professional workers to do the welding , it can make the tank body tight ,when it completely production , we should be make a test to see how strong for tank body . LPG tank trailer as a pressure vessels when it during production , it should be serious to control every step , it ensure when it completely production , can meet clients transport demand .


These days 61900 litres LPG tank trailers is popular , before have 59400 litres lpg tank trailer ,59700 litres lpg tanks it's popular in african,if there have big quantities order for lpg tank , we can provide customizes service for you ,The LPG tank trailer and other fuel tank trailer also as the pressure tank , LPG tank trailer full goods is more lighter than other tank trailer , so this is a good choice for clients to choose the tanker .

LPG tank trailer can use in Industries petrochemical, coal chemical, precision chemical, nuclear power, metallurgical pharmaceutical, machinery, food,pesticide, rubber, aerospace, marine, dye,new power equipment and so on.LPG tank trailer with widely using , if there have clients make the first time business for liquid petrol gas transport , also can choose this type . 


There have many clients are interested in LPG tank trailer ,also have many feedback from them . if you are interesed LPG tank trailer , welcome to send more information to us !


Standard in China 


pressure vessels


GB/T19905-2005 Liquefied gas truck


Movable Pressure vessel safety technology and inspection procedures


Tanker Essential Information 





Estimated Tare Weight






Total Weight


Shell Of Tanker



LPG , Propane LPG


Fluid property



Design temperature                          

to 50℃


Design pressure 



Corrosion allowance               



weld joint factor



Major materials of bearing pressure 

Tanker body : WH590E

End plate : HHA2520*8(7.5)MM

High quality material for main beam 



Filling weight per volume


filling weight        







LPG Tank Trailer Details

With the endorsement of more than 30 years as manufacturers of pressure vessels, FUDENG leads the Africa market and has among its client portfolio the most important multinational energy companies, the most prestigious engineering companies and the best professionals in the sector, as well in international markets, in more than thirty countries around the world, which already have Lapesa products for all kinds of projects related to LPG.

LPG tank trailer popular all over the world , because of the details specifications do well than other supplier ,we are attentien to the quality when clients use it , so during production , we will reseach some information about countries road regular,accord with customers transport capacity to design the LPG tank trailer to meet clients transport demand .


LPG tank trailer important thing , there with a valves box , also have too many high quality discharging valves , and so as to it is clearly for clients to see the capacity of LPG tank trailer , we can design the instrument for clients check it convenient ; there have one spare tire rack on tank ,we designed spare tire rack can be removable , if you want to change it , it can change it at anytime .

LPG tank trailer tool box dimension as same others semi trailers , tool box dimension can be adjust , if you have long distance need to put more spare parts , before production , we can help you design the reasonable tool box dimension for you ;Because of the tanker is a pressure tanker , the main beam we use the high quality material to design to ensure customers can use long time ,and usually , some clients choose double tires , of course , if you need single tires , also can design ;

LPG tank trailers Landing gear , for now , we can design the Jost brand for you , it is high quality , use long time no problem , also have linkage one ,28 tons heavy duty Landing gear ,behind of the liquid petrol gas tanker , it have the emergency extinguisher to ensure safety ;


LPG are powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and are the most widely used alternative gasoline and diesel vehicles in the there have opportunity for LPG tank trailer , Low fuel consumption, good economic benefits, can achieve the advantages of door-to-door transportation has been widely used, has become the most widely used in road transportation tools it is a part of advantages .

LPG tank trailer also have professional discharging valves , so it can improve the work effeciency for customers ,so the clients is satifeid with the profit .


If you are interested in our Liquid petrol Gas tank trailer , you can save the pictures there and then will ask more information to us , we can provide the professional answer for you . 

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