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Which Kind of Shipping Method is Most Economic?

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Fudeng brand Container Flatbed Semi Trailer, 40ft is the most popular model. Flatbed trailer is designed for transporting 40ft and 20ft Cargo Containers and loose cargo. One unit flatbed semi trailer can achieve muit-functional for your transportion. According to the length, we can also offer the 20ft/40ft/45ft, 2axles/3axles/4axles, the capacity from 40 tons to 80 tons. For the types, we can also make the flatbed with sidewall, side panel with a fence, or with the front board, or with Columns to load the logs. Same as the other semi trailer I introduction, the raw material of the flatbed semi trailer we use the high tensile steel tpo produce it. It belong our advantages products due to the competitive price and high quality.

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Because this transaction from China port to Africa, we need to arrange delivery from China to Africa, so many customer will choose buy several units flatbed semi trailer at once time to save the shipping cost for you. About the shipping method, now we have RO-RO ship, Bulk ship and container shipping method to delivery flatbed. Sometime, we have some customers noted the current shipping trend, the customer has a general understanding of the shipping situation. Of course, from the perspective of the customer, we should choose the most cost-effective shipping method according to the current shipping situation to arrange shipping for the customer. For example, if compare the RO-RO ship and Bulk ship cost, the container shipping cost is most saving, we will confrim with our customer, we have two types container, 40HQ and 45HQ for customer choose. But we need to confrim with our customer, which kind of container will choose, one container can shipping two units flatbed semi trailer, If the 40HQ container transports two flatbed semi-trailers, the rear end needs to be truncated, If the customer accepts it, they can choose, and the customer needs to connect the car after receiving it. But the 45HQ do not need that.

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Beside the container shipping method, arrange delivery use the Bulk cargo ship is the most common shipping method now, accordance with the shhipping price trend, if our customer buy the two or three units flatbed semi trailer or more units, In addition to packing them in containers for transportation according to the price, we also can stack two or three units flatbed semi trailer as a one package to arrange delivery for our customer, this method can save the shipping space in order to save the shipping cost.Wax will be sprayed before shipping to prevent seawater from rusting, and the package will be transported to your hands in good condition to ensure nothing is lost. No matter which kind of semi trailer, we will choose the most saving and safe method to shipping for you.

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If you are interetsed in our semi trailer, welcome to inquiry!


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