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45000L Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker Trailer

China Shandong Fudeng Automobile CO., Ltd is engaged in trailer production and trailer international trade. We are in the leading position of trailer production in China, and our factory can provide customized services.

Whether you need carbon steel or aluminum alloy fuel tank trailers, we can meet all your needs. High-quality materials and superb production technology determine high-quality fuel tanker trailers. Whether you are transporting gasoline, diesel or crude oil, you can quickly load and unload oil to ensure the efficient operation of the entire process.


Product Description

45000L Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker Trailer

 Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker trailer: 

   Shandong Fudeng Automobile CO., Ltd has engaged in trailer and truck international trade for many years.  Now our products have sold both in home and abroad, with great services and high-quality products, we have won the trust of many new and old customers.

   As one of the main products of our factory, our 45000L aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer has been well received by many customers at home and abroad. Our Fuel tanker trailer is integrally formed, the steel plates or aluminum plates are butt together after processing, so that there is no tension between the plates, and the welding is more solid and stable. Our fuel tanker trailers are mechanically welded on the outside and manually welded on the inside, so that while ensuring the beauty of the tank, it also guarantees the quality of the tank. Also, after years of development and continuous maturity of technology, our oil tanks can not only ensure high-efficiency loading and unloading speed, but also ensure extremely low residual oil in the warehouse after unloading the oil.

tanker trailer(1)

Click on the piocture to know more information of it

   We have been engaged in the international trade of trailers for many years, and we can recommend you the most suitable trailer according to your local usage habits and your target price. But our factory supports customized products. Whether you need carbon steel fuel tanker trailer or aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer, we can provide it for you. Or if you have requirements for tires, axles, suspensions, landing gears, etc., you can tell us, and our factory will try our best to meet your requirements.

   In the picture, this is 45000 litres 5 compartments aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer used for carrying different liquids like fuel, petrol, water, palm oil etc. Fudeng fuel tanker trailer adopts an advanced design concept. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Foreign Market, considering the road condition. This distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.

fuel tanker(1)

Click on the picture to learn more information of it 

   Aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer standard configuration is 45000 liters 5 compartments. But we can produce the trailer on your need. The volume of the fuel tanker trailer can be customized, to reach 40,000 liters, 42000liters, 45,000 liters, 55,000 liters and so on. With the different compartments, like two, three, four, or more compartments, to load different liquid. Our tires include tubeless tires and steel wire tires. No matter you nees Double-tyres or Super single tyres we have both in our factory. The number of axles can also be customized, whether it is four, five or six axles, we can customize it. Of course, in the case of multiple axles, we can also install the front axle to lift, and lower the front axle when you need it to ensure efficient transportation.

Fudeng Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker trailer Specification

Tank Body


45000 liters


11500mm*2490mm*3990mm or customized



Tanker Body thickness

5mm/Q345B carbon steel

End Plate thickness

6mm/Q345B carbon steel

Wave plate

4mm/Q345B carbon steel




6pcs carbon steel manhole cover, 500mm

Bottom Valve


Discharging Valve

6pcs API valve, 3 or 4 inch

Discharging Pipe

3”or 4” rubber hose, 2pcs, 6m/each


Ladder/ Walking Platform/ Folding armrest


Main Beams

Q345B carbon steel material, “I” beam


3 axles, 13tons L1 brand, 16tons brake pads

Landing Gear

FUWA brand, 28T

King Pin

2.00 or 3.5 inch


Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring


Pneumatic Braking System

Stored chamber T30/30 spring brake chamber; 4pcs, T30 2pcs




One tool box / one valve box / two carbon steel mudguards

two fire extinguishers / two spare tire racks


Fudeng Aluminum Fuel Tanker Semi trailer shipment:

aluminum tanker trailer4

Click on the picture to check the shipping of the fuel tanker

The Fudeng Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker Semi trailer will ship to your country by Bulk Cargo or RO-RO. Our service is for the sake of customers. You can arrange your own ships to pick up the Fudeng aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer or truck at Chinese ports. Also we can help you arrange the shipments. We will choose a professional shipping company, ensure the safe and stable delivery of the trailer to your hands.


 Aluminum Tanker trailer Advantage:

1. Safety devices: the manhole is an explosion-proof large cover. The bottom outlet of the aluminum tanker trailer is equipped with an emergency shut-off valve.

2. The body of aluminum tanker trailer is automatically welded both with the large-scale welding machine and manual welding. 

3. Water filled test equipment Water tank: To ensure the high sealed of tanker body and avoid the leaks oil.

4. The waved board reduces the impact of the liquid on the tanker.

5.Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, one coat of anti-corrosive prime, two coats of final paint

6. We adopt famous brand parts for our aluminum tanker trailer tank trailer, it saves costs & ensures long-time service. 

3 axles 6 compartments aluminum tanker semi trailer details:

aluminum tanker trailer5

Click on the picture to view the details of the fuel tanker semi trailer

FUDENG Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker trailer support customized services, we can produce trailers according to your requirements. 3 axles 45000 liters 6 compartments aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer is our hot sale type.

(1). Carbon steel, Aluminum alloy, Steel material.

(2). Volume and compartments on your requirements.

(3). Box valve or API valve on your requirements.

(4). 28T Landing Gear; One or Two side operation on your requirement.

(5). Axle: L1, FUWA, BPW brand. Multi-axles, such as 4axles 5axles 6axles on your requirement too.

(6). Tyre: Tubeless tyres or Steel wire tyres; Double-tyres or Super single tyres on your requirement.

(7). Mechanical Suspension or Air Suspension on your requirement.

(8). Painting and LOGO: we can paint your logo on or make stickers on your 3 axles 6 cpmpartments aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer.


Fudeng Fuel Tanker trailer customer feedback:

Aluminum Alloy fuel trailer

This is an aluminum alloy Fuel Tanker trailer purchased by our Zimbabwean customer recently. The logo and trademark on the trailer body are all required by the customer.The customer is engaged in the fuel transportation industry, but his trailers have always been purchased locally. He heard that Chinese trailers are very popular in the African market. They are not only cheap but also very durable. The customer said that once he saw a fudeng fuel tank trailer parked by the side of the road, that was very beautiful. He asked the driver and know this 45000L aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer just purchased from China, FUDNEG Brand. After the customer heard the news, he easily found our contact information on the Internet and got in touch with us.

  The customer contacted Anne via WhatsApp, he said he like Fudeng fuel tanker trailer very much. The customer said that the fudeng fuel tank trailers he used were all carbon steel fuel tanker trailer, but he wanted an efficient transportation and longer service life trailer this time. The requirements for fuel tanker trailers are relatively high. The sales manager Anne recommended he buy 45000 liters aluminum tanker trailer. Of course, customers want to show detailed details. Anne showed the customer the details of the 45000 liters alloy aluminum tanker trailer and the video display. A detailed quotation was made for the customer's preference.

The customer trust us very much. Of course, we have not let down the trust of our customers. We made LOGO and picture on the trailer for customers for free. Finally purchased Fudeng 45000 liters aluminum alloy tanker trailer.The use of aluminum tanker trailer can not only greatly reduce the vehicle's own weight and improve transportation efficiency, but also has a long service life, which is 5-10 years longer than that of a steel tanker. During the entire life cycle, the profits created are very considerable.



1. How long can I get my carbon steel/aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer?

Our production is about 15-25 working days after 30% deposit received, Shipping time is about 30-40 working days.

2. How many years guarantee of the fuel tanker semi trailer? 

Wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires), Main beam for 2 years . If you need other spare parts we can supply you at any time.

3. Do you have ready fuel tanker semi trailer in your yard? 

No, we manufacture customized products, when received customer's deposit, we will confirm drawing with customer and then start production. If you need it urgently, we can push order, then finish the production within 10-20 working days. 

You are always welcome to inquire any time

We will reply in 7 hours

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