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China 15000 Gallons Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi Trailer

Aluminum fuel tanker trailer design to transport oil , gasoline , petrol, fuel , ect...  As tanker trailer supplier , we provide custom made according to custom demand to provide each fuel tanker trailer . Capaicty from 25000 liters to 60000 liters ,  compartments quantity from 1 to 10 for choose.
Spring suspension and Air bag suspension on sell.
Carbon steel tanker trailer on sell as well.

Product Description

Fuel tanker trailer requires a highly skilled driver who is also aware of strict safety regulations. In an already heavily regulated industry, tanker trailers are among the most regulated trailers because of the type of cargo they carry. Not only is it important that the vehicles remain stable during a haul, but there is also an equal concern for worker safety during both trailer operation as well as when handling cargo.


Aluminum tanker trailer more and more popular in Africa , aluminum material more lighter than carbon steel . We provide 3 axles , 4 axles , 5 axles fuel tanker trailer , if you have any request ofoil fuel tanker trailer specification. 

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