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3 axles lowbed semi trailer be sent to South Sudan

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There are many customer chose to business with FUDENG. Although they came from different countries, they had the same need of looking a set of suitable lowbed for their own factory. 

In other words, it reflects that truck trailer is becoming more and more important in our daily life, no matter of home and abroad, Especially Africa. This South sudan customer mainly transport large-scale machinery and equipment, so we recommend the most suitable 3 axles low loader semi trailer for him . 

FUDENG lowbed trailer height from ground is usually 1300mm. If you have special needs, FUDENG can also customize it for you. The lower the platform height of the lowbed trailers, the better the stability and safety. Our 70t lowbed trailer has a large carrying capacity when transporting extra high and heavy cargo. 

One of the considerations to make when buying heavy duty lowbed trailer is the suspension systems used in the vehicle. The suspension system in a 60-80 tons lowbed semi trailer determines its load capacity, maintenance needs, cost, and stability among other aspects.

The function and reliability of suspension systems vary depending on the brand or model. Hence, we should consider installing suspension systems from brands with high-quality standards to avoid occasional breakdowns.


FUDENG trailers all can be customizes accord with your transport demand , If you are interested in our lowbed semi trailer , welcome to ask more information to us ! 


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