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4 axles rear dump trailer

There is Fudeng Automobile Co.,LTD foucs on diverse semi trailer manufacture. Our main products has flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer, low bed semi trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, cement bulk semi trailer and so on. We support customized to design and produce different type trailer for our customers.

Product Description

4 axles rear dump trailer have Good materials, made of high strength steel, high quality design load, high quality and guarantee. Strong carrying capacity, the strength, stiffness, toughness, strong carrying capacity of the frame, strong carrying capacity, not easy to deform. The structure is simple and applicable, reasonable design, and the weight of the carriage is fully reduced when the load is satisfied. The structure is simple and easy to disassemble. Plastic spraying uses the vehicle with plastic spraying, which can remove various rusty impurities on the surface. It is not easy to peel.

Greatly save the time and labor force, shorten the transportation cycle, improve production efficiency, and reduce the cost of transportation.

4 axles rear dump trailer5

After turning over the 4 axles rear dump trailer, 1.5 meters high, turn to the semi trailer, turn it to the semi trailer after one one, turn it to the semi trailer after 8.5 meters. Half trailer, Liangshan turned over and unloaded a half trailer. After the container skeleton, he turned the semi trailer after 10 meters. After 10 meters, he unloaded the semi trailer. After 9 meters, the semi trailer was turned. Unload half a trailer,

The back ups of self unloading 4 axles rear dump trailer are a new semi hanging truck developed by the company. It has the characteristics of low center of gravity, raising not easy to roll over. The frame and compartment have obtained a national patent. The frame is made of 16 manganese beams, which greatly increases the loading strength. The center of gravity is reduced to 1.3 meters 1.4 meters. It is not easy to roll over the shipping goods.

4 axles rear dump trailer6

The carriage adopts a narrow and narrow and width mode. According to the principle of triangle, the center of gravity is more concentrated when the carriage is raised. 10 cm, that is, the big box will not roll over. The narrow and rear wide design of the large box is more conducive to the divergence of the goods, it is not easy to block, and the goods are uniformly declined. 4 axles rear dump trailer will not happen under the same side, which will not make the trailer rollover.

The trailer cylinder of the trailer is made from the manufacturer. Its material strength is different from ordinary oil cylinders. The warranty is one year.

The back plate of the trailer is locked with a mechanical device. The lock hook and the back plate are automatically opened during unloading to avoid blocking during unloading, 4 axles rear dump trailer especially when the stone unloading will not be hit to the back plate, reducing the loss of the car.



Box dimension inside:10900*2400*1600mm

Box thickness:Side 6mm, bottom plate 8mm

Hydraulic cylinder:5 side tipping cylinder +1 shifting cylinder, can unload both sides

Loading Capacity: 40 ton – 60 ton

Axle :4 units 13 ton, heavy axles for Africa rough road condition

Tire:12R22.5 , 16 units

Suspension: 3 axles Mechanical suspension and 1 axle air suspension

King Pin: 90# JOST

Landing Gear: JOST C200

Main beam Height: 500mm, Q345B high strength steel

Twist Locks :12 units container locks

Accessories:One standard tool box and spare tire carriers



1.king front traction: good slope grasping performance, strong transportation capacity, great time saving time and labor to shorten the transportation cycle

2. Steady transportation: have low center of gravity, good driving stability, flexible operation space, etc.

3. Strong carriers: On the snow or muddy roads, the traction control system can accelerate the performance smoothly, avoiding the vehicle from slipping due to the drive wheel.


Q1. How will I conduct the transaction?

(1)We need to confirm the trailer specification then send you best quote, and we can confirm the payment, delivery time, order amount and production time together, after all confirmed I will send you the proforma invoice with our factory bank details.

(2)If PI is ok, you can arrange 30% deposit to our factory bank account, and provide me the bank slip.

(3)After received deposit, start arrange production. And will send you trailer pictures or videos during the production.

(4)After finish production, we will inform you to pay 70% balance. When balance received start to arrange shipping. Then send original documents by DHL, And we will keep you updated estimated time of arrival.

Q2. What’s your payment terms?

A:Our payment term is 100% T/T. 30% deposit before production, will send you pictures or video after finish production to let you confirm, and you will arrange 70% balance before shipment. After balance received, we will help you book the latest ship as soon as possible.

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