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3 axle powder tanker trailer for sale

The feeding port of the powder tanker is above the tank body, and there is an air chamber structure and a fluidized bed inside the tank body. When discharging, the powder loaded in the closed tank body is fluidized by compressed gas, and then blown out of the tank body. In order to facilitate the flow of powder, a tilt angle will be designed at the bottom of the tank. For powders with poor fluidity, the tilt angle will be changed to a lifting function. In addition, depending on the transportation medium, there are often significant differences in the shape of the powder tank truck's tank body.

Product Description

As a specialized transportation vehicle for powder materials, powder tank trucks also have some unique advantages:

1. High loading and unloading transportation efficiency. The loading and unloading of powder tanker trucks is simple and easy. Compressed air can be used directly without excessive human involvement, which can greatly reduce labor consumption, improve working conditions, and increase labor productivity;

2. Save packaging materials. Powder tanker trucks do not need to package the powder during transportation, which can reduce packaging costs and save transportation costs;

3. Large transportation volume. At present, the common powder tanker trucks in the market can load up to about 75 cubic meters, weigh nearly 100 tons, and have a large transportation capacity;

4. Reduced powder loss. Compared with bagged powder transportation, the loss rate of powder tank transportation is smaller, generally below 0.5%, and can greatly reduce cargo damage caused by moisture and other factors;

5. Reduce environmental pollution. Powder can transportation can reduce packaging waste, save resources, and also reduce particle pollution during transportation.

powder tanker

In recent years, with the continuous development of national policies and infrastructure projects, the development speed of powder tank trucks has also been greatly improved, and its development trend mainly shows the following aspects:

1. Efficiency.

Whether the powder is discharged dry or not has always been an important indicator of the performance of powder tanker trucks. In order to achieve faster unloading speed and lower residual discharge rate, methods such as reducing the fluidized bed area, reducing the four corners of tank flow, and using downward discharge methods are also emerging one after another.

2. Lightweight.

Lightweight is almost the only way for the development of China's trailer industry, and powder tanker trucks are no exception. With the pursuit of lightweight in the market, the thickness of powder tank trucks is also becoming thinner, such as using lighter high-strength steel, using aluminum alloy materials, and selecting lightweight components.

3. Security.

For vehicles, if their safety performance does not meet the standards, any other performance is considered rogue. The loading capacity of powder tanker trucks is generally relatively large, and the requirements for the strength, toughness, pressure resistance, service life, and other conditions of the tank and chassis are also relatively higher.

powder tanker1

If you are unsure if the connected powder tanker trailer can meet your transportation needs, you can contact us. We will provide you with the most suitable purchasing plan.

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