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China Fudeng Double tubeless tire Lowbed Semi Trailer

Low bed semi-trailers have stronger load-bearing capacity than ordinary flatbed semi trailer, and the thickness of the "I" beam is thicker than that flatbeds. It is mainly used to transport construction machinery, such as bulldozers and excavators. But you can also choose to install container twist locks, panels, etc., so that it can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to transport 20ft containers or some bulk cargoes when you need. The ladder behind the car is also made according to your needs. You can choose mechanical ladder or hydraulic ladder. Our factory can manufacture them according to your requirements.


Product Description

Low bed semi trailer is very popular in China. The using of gooseneck reduces the height of the platform, so the low plate can transport some higher machinery which the flatbed semi trailer cannot.

The width of the rear plate is generally 3m wide, but you can choose to add widener device, so that the width of the back plane can reach 3.5m, then you can transport more types of machinery.

At the same time, the rear platform of the low bed semi traielr is 4mm thickness, 1mm thicker than the ordinary flatbed, so its bearing capacity will be higher, and the checkered platform increases the friction between the construction machinery and the platform, effectively preventing accidents happened.

At the back of the low bed semi trailer, you can choose the machanical ladder and hydraulic ladder to install. Both them is very strong and durable, the mechanical ladder is very easy to operate, one person can control it, the hydraulic ladder can operate it though a button in the truck head.

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lowdeck semi trailer is made of high tensile Q345B steel 


Fudeng 3 axles 12R22.5 Tubeless Double-tires with greater bearing capacity


If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible. Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., LTD., will give you better service and lower prices.

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