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China 3 Axles 60000 Liters Fuel Oil Tanker Trailer

fuel tanker trailer design for transporting different type liquid , capacity from 30000 liters to 60000 liters for your choose.
Axle : 3 xales , 4 axles , 5 axles
Axle brand : FUWA brand , L1 brand  , BPW brand 
Suspension: spring suspension , air bag suspension
Tyre : 315/80R22.5 , 385/65R22.5 , 12R22.5
Tanker body material : carbon steel material or aluminum material

Product Description

Oil transport semi trailer is mainly used for large oil transport, the tonnage is generally about 40~60 cubic meters.


There are usually 2 axles semi trailer and 3 axles semi trailer. The square tank of oil transport semi trailer is made of Q345B steel plate. The tank is built with multiple reinforced wave-proof partition plates. The lower end of the partition plate has a through hole to reduce the impact of oil in the tank and improve the strength of the tank when the car is running. The combination tank mouth is located on the top of the tank, the big cover is provided with a self-locking small cover, the big cover is installed on the side of the breathing valve, to ensure that the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank is consistent; Use electrostatic grounding cables. The pump oil system is installed, and the force is taken from the side of the gearbox through the force extractor, which can be self-priming and self-discharging; With two pumping pipes, equipped with quick loading joint, suction distance of 6 meters. Two fire extinguishers and special tools. The oil semi-trailer is divided into two parts, the oil tank body and the supporting tank skeleton or bracket.


Petroleum tankers are always comprised of aluminum and range from 5,000 to 10,000 US gallons in size. Though some fuel tanks have only one compartment in which to store fuel, most modern tanks are comprised of five or six to allow different freight, or different grades of the same type of product, to be loaded at the same time, if necessary. These trailers are outfitted with large plates extending from side known as baffles, which are comprised with holes, and allow liquid movements to slow during maneuvering such as deceleration and sharp turns. To protect from tank overfill these units have a skully system. They also have a vapor recovery system for cleaner, faster, and safer loading and unloading. Standard loads include diesel, petroleum (gasoline), ethanol, and kerosene.


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