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How to choose fence cargo trailer or side wall trailer?

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How to choose a truck trailer? fence trailer or side wall trailer?

When many truck friends buy a cargo trailer truck, in addition to considering which brand of truck to buy, we will also consider whether to choose afence traileror aside wall semi trailer.

Below we make a simple analysis based on the current market conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of using two types of semi trailers, hoping to help more customers who buy trailer.

About fence cargosemi trailer


(1)The loading capacity of the livestock trailer is larger, and due to its breathability, the range of goods that can be pulled is wider, and it is more convenient to load and unload.

(2)Fence semi trailer have good air permeability. When transporting vegetables and fruits, if it is in a sealed environment, the goods are easily damaged in summer and even corrupt.

(3)Warehouse trucks are also convenient for toll inspection at the toll station. Generally, it is very clear at a glance during inspection. You do not need to move and inspect the goods like a van truck.

The disadvantage of thefence semi traileris that when it rains, thesugar cane trailerneeds to cover the tarpaulin for the goods, and the anti-theft property of the warehouse rail car is not very good.

Fudeng fence Semi Trailer, offer the stake trailers to maximize the payload.Fudeng fence cargo semi trailer adopt advanced design concept. After fully understanding and analyzing the transportation environment in different countries.

Fudeng adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the cargo semi trailer, it can make the fence trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life.

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3 axles fence cargo semi trailer

About side wall trailer

Theside cargo trailerhas a large loading capacity, which is suitable for transporting large cargoes. Many non-high light throwing goods also choose to use flatbeds. In terms of price, the price of the side wall trailer is the most affordable, and it also pulls the most.

As far as the existing rail cars on the freight market are generally used to transport building materials, furniture, and some light-throwing goods, some owners will install a movable bar on the basis of thesideboards trailer. Can be used as a fence trailer.

How to choose fence cargo trailer or side wall trailer?

3 axles Side wall semi trailer

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