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Fudeng 4 Axles 60 Tons Load Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

China famous brand Fudeng new product 4 axles 60 tons fence cargo semi trailer,which is more powerful,durable,efficient.This fence cargo semi trailer is mainly used to transport large quantities bulk cargo and livestock.It will be a good decision to choose our fence cargo semi trailer.

Product Description

Fence cargo semi trailer was popular by logistics companies as its multi purpose application.It used to load a wide range of products and materials,like sand,bags,poultry and so on.Also some bulk cargo,very widely used in the transportation industry.Most customers usually choose 12.5 m length fence cargo semi trailer,which can load about 20 units cattles.And in order to be convenient to load and unload cargo,we will also install the rear opening.

The difference between it and the side wall semi trailer is that there is a layer of fence above the side wall to keep the air circulation above, and the height of the fence is also more convenient for transporting livestock such as cattle and sheep.At the same time, our side wall and fences are bolted for easy disassembly.

fence cargo semi trailer

Our factory is devoted to providing the best service,and the configuration of the fence cargo semi trailer is designed according to the needs of customers, and the most suitable fence cargo semi trailer for customers is produced.Our fence cargo semi trailer can load 40-60 tons,If you want to load more capatity,we can design made for you.

This is the 4 axles fence cargo semi trailer just produced by our factory,due to the country's weight limit regulations, we will design multi axles fence cargo semi trailer and reinforced main beam and mechanical suspension,to provide the safety guarantee during transportation.

fence cargo semi trailer (2)

Product Specification

Dimension: 12500*2500mm*1600mm

Payload: 60T

Side wall height: 0.9m

fence height:1m

Container lock: 12 units

Axle: 4 axles  

Landing Gear: Fuwa 28T lifting capacity linkage landing gear

King Pin: 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin

Suspension: mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring: 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10 Layer

Tire: 12R22.5 *16pcs

Accessories: One standard tool box

Color: Green


Q1. How will I conduct the transaction?

A:1) We need to confirm the trailer specification then send you best quote, and we can confirm the payment, delivery time, order amount and production time together, after all confirmed I will send you the proforma invoice with our factory bank details.

2) If PI is ok, you can arrange 30% deposit to our factory bank account, and provide me the bank slip.

3) After received deposit, start arrange production. And will send you trailer pictures or videos during the production.

4) After finish production, we will inform you to pay 70% balance. When balance received start to arrange shipping. Then send original documents by DHL, And we will keep you updated estimated time of arrival.

Q2. How long can I get my fence cargo semi trailer?

Our production is about 15-25 working days after 30% deposit received, Shipping time is about 30-40 working days.

Q3. How many years guarantee of the fence cargo semi trailer?

Wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires), Main beam for 2 years . If you need other spare parts we can supply you at any time.

Q4. Do you have ready fence cargo semi trailer in your yard?

No, we manufacture customized products, when received customer's deposit, we will confirm drawing with customer and then start production. If you need it urgently, we can push order, then finish the production within 10-20 working days.

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