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whether semi trailer payload capacity influenced by axles ?

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Lightweight semi trailer axle can be said to be a common topic, especially under the conditions of the current increase in super control and the implementation of the charging policy, how to transport more goods within the legal scope to become a concern for semi trailer owners. More and more semi trailer owners start to tend to those products with lighter weight when buying trailers or accessories.

Under normal circumstances, the common ways are the following ways to achieve lightweight.

Use more self weight materials, such as aluminum alloy instead of steel, common like aluminum alloy body, aluminum alloy gearbox, semi trailer axle aluminum alloy transmission shaft, aluminum alloy oil tank, aluminum alloy wheels, etc.;

semi trailer axle2

semi trailer appearance and interior components use new materials, such as long fiber enhanced materials, low density PP materials, low VOC green environmental protection materials, spray free materials, halogen free flame retardant compliance materials, etc.;

Reduce the thickness of the board, semi trailer axle use higher standards, greater strength, and better tough steel;

Light and slightly quantitative trailers, such as using alien punching, reducing the height of the vertical board, and the width of the upper and lower wings;

Choose a more light bridge, use light bridge or disc brake semi trailer axle, etc.;

Use air suspension instead of steel plate suspension, the weight is lighter, and the rear axle can be improved at appropriate time, and energy saving and efficiency is fully saved;

semi trailer axle

Reduce the weight of the auxiliary parts, such as bumper, protective network, spare tire bridge, toolbox, tunnel rack, etc.;

Starting from the wheel, such as replacing the twins with a large single, the weight loss effect is also very considerable;

Components integrated integration, such as integrated vehicle machine chips, integrated fuel tank urea boxes, integrated electric steeringrs, ABS integrated valve, etc., by increasing the number of parts to reduce the number of parts , Make the semi trailer axle structure more compact to reduce the weight of the body.

Although the purpose of chasing lightweight is to make the vehicle realize "Dorra good", many semi trailer owners will also mutter in their hearts: such a trailer, the "skin" is thin and light, the carrying capacity and safety performance cannot be guaranteed? For example, how much weight can the light semi trailer axle mentioned above be held?

Similar to the lightweighting of the trailer, the semi trailer axle wants to get a smaller self weight, either starting with raw materials, such as using new materials or high strength steel to replace traditional steel; The brake wall thickness, friction tablet wall thickness is appropriately reduced; or it is to choose parts with lighter weight, such as bearing, braking discs, wheels, bearing, bolts, etc.

semi trailer axle3

As we all know, the semi trailer axle is a key load bearing component of a trailer. When its own weight becomes smaller, will it have a certain impact on its bearing bearing? To be honest, unless it is applied to a new type of material or high strength steel, it will definitely affect load bearing, but this effect will not interfere with the normal use of the owner.

Why do you say that?

In the previous freight industry, the relevant governance measures were not strict, and the phenomenon of overloading was very common. In this context, the bearing grace of the bridge was a major problem that the owners were concerned. The needs of the environment not only need to bear the weight of the benchmark, but also maintain stable performance even at the weight of 50%of the benchmark. So at that time, there was no concept of lightweight semi trailer axle, and bearing bearing is a good bridge.


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