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Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG tank trailer Instructions

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG tank trailer for Africa

Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG tank trailer Instructions

1. The transportation semitrailer is mainly composed of rear traveling mechanism, tank body andvalve operating system. The tank body is installed on the strip V-shaped support with good bearingcapacity and is fastened on the frame beam through bolts

2. A built-in spring safety valve is installed on the top of the tank body of the transportation, semitrailer, which can prevent the occurrence of safety accidents that may be caused by overpressure. A ball-floating liquid indicator is installed at the tail of the tank, which is convenient for measuring liquid level accurately. A manhole is set on the top of the tank for maintenance, and emergency cut-off valves are set at the gas and liquid phase outlet.

3. Each side of the tank body of the transportation semitrailer is equipped with a device for loading and unloading liquid (valve box). Safety devices, such as valve for loading and unloading, quick connector, blow-off valve, manual control device for controlling emergency cut-off valve, pressure gauge and thermometer, etc. are installed inside.

During loading and unloading, the liquid and gas phase emergency cut-off valve at the bottom of the tank body used as medium inlet and outlet. When pipe valves have leakage and fire arises from this, in case the fusible plug for an operating emergency cutoff device or emergency cut-off valve is melted by fire (75±5℃), the emergency cut-off device can cut off liquid and gas phase pipelines quickly to avoid or reduce the occurrence of accidents. In normal condition, the emergency cut-off valve is in closed state. The manual control device is used to control the emergency cut-off valve. The pressure gauge and thermometer can be used to observe the pressure and temperature in the tank. When the liquid phase temperature in the tank is ≤50℃, the pressure value of the pressure gauge shall be no more than 1.95Mpa.

4. Before the tank leaves factory, the inside of the tank shall conduct nitrogen displacement to keep the oxygen content in the tank no more than 3% and the nitrogen pressure more than 0.05Mpa. If the pressure is lower than 0.05Mpa before loading or unloading, it is required to conduct nitrogen replacement again. Before the transportation semitrailer enters the liquid-loading or liquid-unloading area, it is required to install a fire extinguishing device at the exhaust port of the engine, follow the direction of the management personnel, park at designated place, brake manually, turn off the engine, fasten wheels by drilling and connect safety ground wire. See Figure II for liquid loading & unloading connecting pipe.

5. The two sides of the tank at the back of the transportation semitrailer are equipped with two 5kg dry powder fire extinguishers for fighting fire.
6. An impingement plate is installed inside of the tank body to reduce the impact of liquid on the tank body and increase the stability of running of the transportation semitrailer during transportation.
7. The transportation semitrailer is also equipped with a ground strip and ground cable to prevent
safety accidents caused by electrostatic sparks.

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