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What is a skeleton or skeletal trailer?

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What is a skeleton or skeletal trailer?

Skeleton trailers, also called skeletal trailers, are lightweight semitrailers usually designed for transporting containers. They can be specified in a large number of size configurations, such as:

  • 20-foot container

  • 30-foot container

  • 40-foot container

  • 45-foot container

They will usually have between four and twelve container twist locks so that a driver can load a range of different configurations (e.g. 2x 20-foot or 1x 40-foot).

The semi trailers can be specified with two, three and four axles using single or dual wheels and either disc or drum brakes.Semi trailer can also assemble 1-2 units air suspension with lift system to reduce tyre wear.

Skeletal trailers can be used for timber haulage with the appropriate timber bunks (side restraints)

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