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Why did the dump semi trailer turn over?

Views: 770     Author: FuDeng     Publish Time: 2016-10-01      Origin: Site

Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd summarized the following points for the reason that the dump semi trailer will tip over for the reference of customers who want to buy the dump semi trailer:

1.Whether the lifting system of the hydraulic cylinder is inclined and whether the lifting height is appropriate.

In the transport of lighter goods unloading, hydraulic cylinder lift too high is also easy to cause rolla-over


2.Whether the position of the support point of the tail is tilted and whether the welding is firm


3.Whether the ground at the unloading place where the semi trailer stops is flat or not, it is easy to turn over when the trailer is unloaded in the uneven road condition


4.Is the type of cargo being transported a water-heavy cargo?
Heavy moisture or viscous substances are easy to cause deflection in unloading, which will increase the probability of rolling over


Dump semi trailer widly used to transport sand , stone and other construction material.

How to choose high quality dump tipper trailer become a n important problem for construction company and transportation company.

Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd standed on provide high quality dumper trailer for customer.

Our hydraulic cylinder lifting system contains a level indicator, which can be used to select the lifting height according to the weight of the goods.

Our dump semi trailer will carry out lifting test before delivery, strictly checking every dump semi trailer for customers15514186541551414855\

If you have interested in our dump tipper trailer, welcome to inquiry



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