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What is the structure principle of the powder tank semi trailer?

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The powder tanker, the full name of the powder material transporter, is suitable for the bulk transportation of powder dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali and other particles whose diameter is not greater than 0.1mm. Powder material transporter is a special purpose vehicle widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, power plant, construction and so on.

It consists of two parts, the chassis of the powder tanker and the special device for bulk transportation of powder particles.

The bodywork mainly includes four parts: additional transmission system, tank assembly, pipeline system, and auxiliary devices. The following figure shows the external structure of the powder tanker.

powder tank semi traile

The tank can be divided into three cabins and double cabins according to the number of cabins. The shape of the tank is round, oval and square.

The tank body is mainly composed of a head, a cylinder, a manhole cover and a fluidization device.

1. The head adopts standard oval head, the main specifications are EH2300mm, EH2400mm, EH2500mm, EH2600mm, EH2700mm.

2. The materials of the head and the cylinder body are 16Mn, Q345, QST420, etc.

3. Fluidization device inside the tank

The internal fluidization device is the core component of the powder tanker, mainly including canvas type fluidization device and breathable belt type fluidization device.

The bicycle adopts a canvas type fluidization device, and the semi trailer adopts a breathable belt type fluidization device.

When the gas enters the powder layer from the lower part of the container, if the gas flow rate exceeds a certain value (0.015m/s for cement), the friction between the gas and the powder is equal to the weight of the powder, and the powder no longer depends on the flow. The bed supports, at this point they can move freely and flow from high to low, keeping the upper plane of the powder layer horizontal, similar to liquid properties. If there are holes in the side wall of the container at this time, the powder can also be ejected from the holes. This is called the fluidization of the powder. The cement truck utilizes the fluidization characteristics of the powder to realize unloading. The function of the fluidized cloth is to make the compressed air form a fine and uniform airflow into the powder layer to fluidize the powder.

powder tank semi traile2

4. The manhole cover adopts two structures, one is the inner button type manhole cover, and the other is the outer three-claw external pressure type manhole cover. The standard configuration is a snap in manhole cover.

Two types of manhole covers have their own characteristics:

Inner buckle structure: After loading, the height of the whole vehicle is 100mm lower than that of the external pressure spring lifting structure; but the operation maneuverability is poor and the operation is troublesome.

External pressure structure: high height, good maneuverability and easy operation.

Additional drivetrain

It mainly includes power take-off, additional drive shaft, air compressor, etc.

Power take off: It is installed on the gearbox and adopts the products of well known domestic manufacturers. It is a high torque power take off specially designed for powder tankers.

Additional drive shaft: adopt Xuchang drive shaft factory products. Air compressor: Suzhou air compressor, Dunhua Bohai air compressor, Qingdao air compressor, Wuhu air compressor, Chuzhou air compressor, etc. are used. The exhaust volume has several specifications such as 7.5m3/min, 8.0m3/min, 8.5m3/min, 9.0m3/min, 10.0m3/min, the rated working pressure is 0.2Mpa, and the speed is 800~1100r/min.

The main parameter of the so-called air compressor model is its displacement

powder tank semi traile3


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