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What is the structure of the refrigerated truck?

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refrigerated truck are a special truck, also known as food preservation truck, which are mainly used to transport various foods, fruits, meat, and so on. The refrigerator is based on the refrigerated insulation box installed on the chassis of the refrigerated truck and the refrigeration unit is installed to achieve refrigerated and freezing transportation vehicles. Let's take a look at the structure of the refrigerated truck.

The structure of the refrigerator:

The refrigerated truck is a walking part of the dedicated truck chassis. It is composed of components such as polyurethane material, refrigerated truck glass reinforced reinforced reinforcement, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration units, etc. Such as a car hook car, you can install meat hooks, block grooves, aluminum alloy rails, ventilation grooves and other options.

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refrigerated truck body: Generally consisting of polyurethane materials, glass fiber reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforcement, color steel plates, refrigerated truck stainless steel, etc. The production techniques include: "sandwich" plate adhesion (commonly used), filled foam type in injection of fragmentation, overall skeleton injection foam, vacuum adsorption paste, etc.

refrigerated truck refrigeration unit: refrigerated units are divided into non-independent refrigeration units and independent refrigeration units. Domestic units and imports. General models use external refrigerators, and a few micro-refrigerated truck use built in refrigerators. For refrigerated truck with lower temperature requirements, a built in cold plate (function is equivalent to evaporator) can be adopted.

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The refrigerated truck consists of a walking part of the dedicated car chassis, and the insulation thermal insulation compartment (generally composed of polyurethane materials, glass reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced steel plates, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration units, temperature recorders in the carriage. For refrigerated truck with special requirements, Such as a truck, you can install meat hooks, block, aluminum alloy rails, ventilation tanks and other optional parts.


During the operation of the refrigeration system, the air compressor continuously inhaled the low-voltage gaseous refrigerant in the evaporator. After working through the compressor, it became a high pressure refrigerant steam and flowed to the condenser. The condensation process emit a lot of heat to the surrounding environment. The refrigerant from the condenser completely becomes liquid. When the liquid refrigerant flows into the expansion valve, due to the sharp decline in the pressure, the liquid refrigerant is evaporated in the evaporator. A large amount of heat is absorbed, which reduces the temperature in the compartment. The refrigerant steam enters the air compressor again and performs the next working cycle. In this way, the continuous circulation of the recurrence of the carrier is constantly moving the heat in the carriage to the surrounding atmosphere.

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Frozen carriage production technology: The "sandwiches" plate adhesion of shard assembly. The larger domestic refrigerated vehicle manufacturers use this technology, which uses this technology to produce refrigerated truck with high insulation performance. Foam in the fillet assembly. The overall skeleton is injected into the foam. Vacuum adsorption paste. refrigerated truck refrigeration units: Providing important "cold" important equipment for refrigerated truck containers are generally installed on the top of the container.

Refrigerated truck. Refrigeration: The installed refrigeration equipment connects with the container and provides a steady stream of refrigeration to ensure that the temperature of the container is within the range of the goods permit. Lightweight: The goods transported by refrigerated truck are usually items that cannot be stored for a long time. Although there are refrigeration equipment, they still need to get the destination faster. Insulation: The container of the refrigerated truck is similar to a container, but it is made of material with better thermal insulation, which reduces heat exchange.


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