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What is the maintenance method of dump semi trailer

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Today, a new type of dump semi trailer launched on the market is built based on Mighty, the world's best selling model, and has achieved comprehensive improvement in comfort, power, handling, fuel performance and safety.  Lubricating oil needs to be added in the running process of flat dump semi trailer.  Lubricating oil can not only save oil, but also reduce conflicts, ensure the smooth operation of the engine, and extend the service life of the flat dump semi trailer.  Check tablet dump semi drivers brake mechanism, the effectiveness of the tablet dump semi trailer on the slopes of the slope is bigger, the road is in good condition, stepping on the brakes, idling, pull hand brake lever to determine the working point of position, just now and then slowly loosen the brake pedal, if tablet dump semi trailer slide does not occur, is a sign of hand brake performance is good.  


We should regularly check the gap between the brake tellurium and the brake hub that regulates all the wheels;  Check whether there is leakage in the brake system and hydraulic transmission system piping and whether the plastic hoses connected are intact. Safe driving is the top priority of truck life. Semi-trailers carry dozens or hundreds of tons of goods every day. In order to prevent future problems, trailers should be routinely checked before every week or every time they are transported.  The more comprehensive the inspection items, the better, the following for the daily maintenance and maintenance of matters to do some introduction:  First, look at the appearance of the tire:  Visual inspection to see no lack of air, debris attached to the phenomenon, and then see whether the steel ring deformation, cracks and other phenomena.  Two, check the tightness of the tire screws:  This detail we can not be too troublesome, should check each screw fastening one by one, on the way to run off a screw is a small matter, run to lose a tire is money can be solved, but if run out of accidents but too late to regret.  To paraphrase a word is "no trivial tire", we hope to remember.  Three, see the suspension system, whether eat tire:  Look at the tightness of all the nuts and bolts and u-bolts. It all depends on whether they eat tyres.  Four, shake the leg, see if it is normal:  Ouleg check must shake up shake down try a few times, and then see if there are cracks in the welding, especially now running swing car friends, must pay attention to this problem.  Five, touch the wear of the active part is normal:  Touch the box board hinge, box hook, peg, container lock and other small parts to see if there is any crack broken phenomenon.  Six, check all lamps and lanterns and anti-cursor paste is complete:  See touch don't have abnormal line, get on the car to open the light to see if there is a bad light, reflective logo lack, I believe there must be card friends on the road because of reflective logo defect was punished.   Seven. Check whether the connection between index car and semi-trailer is normal:  After starting the car, see if the barometer is enough, and then give the brake a try brake see.  Eight, listen to the brake leakage sound:   Get out and listen for air leaks and test the brakes.  


Dump semi trailer operating instruction  Frst,Do not push the lifting handle to the "down position" suddenly in the middle of full load lifting.  Such as the occurrence of this operation error, the carriage suddenly rushed down, will bring a lot of impact force to the frame, and even accident.  Therefore, should try to avoid the above operation, if there are special circumstances need also must be careful operation, try to slow down the speed of the landing, must not suddenly fall to the bottom.  Two,do not use the heavy lift truck - heavy brake unloading.  Because the inertia force of the car is very big (generally 5~20 times of the rated lifting force), it is easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame, welding of the carriage and sub-frame, burning oil pump or damage to the seal ring, damage to the hydraulic cylinder and other damage, the service life of the vehicle is reduced, and serious accidents will occur.  Therefore, general dump truck is prohibited to lift when driving.  Three,After unloading, the dump truck must be removed from the force extractor before driving.  If this operation error occurs, when the dump truck is running, because the retractor is in the "engaged" position, the lifting oil pump is in the "small cycle" state of high-speed and long time no load operation.  Lead to the hydraulic oil temperature rise quickly, easy to cause damage to the oil seal of the oil pump, and even the phenomenon of "burning" of the oil pump;  What is more serious is that the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has a power source, which is prone to the accident of automatic carriage rising in the process of driving.  Four,When driving, the force extractor can not be located in the "on" position.  If in the "on" state (red light on), the oil pump will continue to turn, the hydraulic system will have power source, so it will cause automatic lift because of the misoperation of the air control valve;  At this point, even in the "down" position of the gas control distribution valve, oil will enter the pump, which will make the pump burn out.  


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