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What is the Special Unique of Our Low Bed Semi Trailer?

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FUDENG brand low bed semi trailer with high quality and competitive price is one of our hot sale products. Our goal is want use the reasonable price to let our customer use the best quality trailer. Now our low bed semi trailer sell well and popular in South Sudan, Kenya, Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Uganda and so on. Our low bed semi trailer use the high quality win the trust of our customers and a lot of customer also reorder with us again and again. Why our can offer so better price and high quality to you that other supplier? Have one point is very important, that is we are the manufacturer of the semi trailer, we have professional factory to produce it, so we can give you the factory direct sell price, do have middle man to make the profit. So our low bed semi trailer enjoyed plenty of customers from Africa preference.

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Only have competitive price is not encough, good use experience of customer is the radical reason that let the customer choose us. This kind of low bed semi trailer is mainly used to transport large machine and heavy duty equipment, such as roller, excavator etc, widely used in the road construction project, it is very convenient for load the machine from one place to another place. beacuse it will load the large machine, the large machine is very heavy and high, so the stability is very important during the transport process. Our factory engineer design the low loading surface for customer's use. Using the gooseneck to lower the height of the loading surface to ensure the stability during the transport process, the standard height of the loading surface is 3 meters, as for the diemsion(L*W*H) of it, our factory support the presonal customized, if you have your own specific need, we can design it according to your requirements. The gooseneck also is important, we also reinforced the gooseneck use some supporting structure. The machanical suspension and leaf spring all thickened, it can adapt the rough road condition in Africa, at the same time, use the thickened main beam can support the heavy duty capacity. At the back of the loading surface, design Some inclined planes are designed on the rear tail to help you can load the machine more easily.

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The rear end of it, we have machcnical ladder and hydraical ladder for your reference, from the point of the economic, I recommend you can choose the mechanical ladder, this kind of ladder is encough for your common use. It very esay to operate by one person. If you have requirements to the width of it-want to increase the width of loading surface, we have help you to install the widener to increase the loading surface for you, can add the pad on the widener to help you to load more goods. For the shipping aspect of the low bed semi trailer, the three or two units can be stack one package to arrange delivery for you, the mechanical ladder can be detach when shipping. We will spray the wax on the trailer in case of conrosion.

If you are interested in our low bed semi trailer, welcome to inquiry with us!


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