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What is the Difference between semi trailer and drawbar trailer?

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Hello,  this is the trailer news daily share from China Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd. Leading manufacturer of diverse semi trailer and truck, we produce all kinds of semi trailer and trailer parts, mainly including 20ft and 40ft container, low bed semi trailer, coal ash powder tank trailer, fuel oil tanker semi trailer, detachable gooseneck low bed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer, and in order to provide the one step service to our customer, we also provide the different brand tractor truck head and dump truck for customer choose. we have howo brand and shacman brand for customer choose. If you are engaged in transportation business and need our semi trailer/full stake trailer and truck, welcome to ask price in any time. Besides that diverse semi trailer I mentioned just now, we also produce full stake trailer as well, this article is about the different point between normal semi trailer and drawbar trailer.  Now in our factory, we have the different type draw bar trailer with side wall, draw bar trailer with fence etc for our customer reference. With the national road management semi trailer and truck transporter, the new type and diverse semi trailer more and more appear in front of us, then what is the difference between the central axle trailer and the draw bar trailer?  What are the pros and cons of this full stake trailer? Let's look at the comprehensive analysis of the normal semi trailer and the drawbar trailer!


First, no matter the normal semi trailer or draw bar trailer, it alll need the tractor truck head to pull to do transportation. The two kinds of trailer traction hook position is different, the semi trailer why it called "semi" trailer, because almost half the trailer body will connect with the tractor truck head to finished production. It use the Kin Pin to link the tractor truck.  The drawbar trailer is connected to the main truck by a tractor hook, at the front of the full stake trailer, has a two meters length drawbar, it has a hook use it to link with the tractor truck head. But the nomal semi trailer use the kin pin under the trailer to link the horse truck.

Second aspect, that is nomal semi trailer and draw bar support the weight is different, that is very esay to understand and you also can refer the picture to help you to understand, if use the tractor truck head to pull the semi trailer, when the kin pin link with the horse truck and load the goods on the trailer, the tractor truck head also need to support some weight from the normal semi trailer, and when it start, due to the pulling power, the tractor truck head also support some pulling weight, but this proportion is generally not too large, the main weight is still on the central axle. However, the drawbar trailer only bears the horizontal action from the trailer, without bearing the vertical weight of the drawbar trailer. This is also a difference between drawbar trailer and normal semi trailer.

Thirst aspect, The drawbar trailer front axle with steering instability driving trouble reversing

The drawbar trailer is mainly composed of carriage, axle, bogie and traction device, in which the front axle and bogie and traction device are combined as a whole, which can be turned along with the direction of the tractor. In addition, the traction device can move up and down, and because of this, the tractor only plays the role of traction, does not bear the weight of the trailer, so the trailer can not rely on the tractor firmly "stand" on the road. The downside is obvious. It's very troublesome to reverse. The driving skill of the driver is very strictly, even more difficult than semi reversing several orders of magnitude. However, the number of drawbar trailer is very rare now. with the improvement of road facilities and the development of expressways, the problem of poor running stability of drawbar trailer has gradually become prominent. Eventually, it was banned from the highway. Now, in addition to the very individual areas of Inner Mongolia can be seen, other areas have basically disappeared.


The drawer trailer is more flexible to turning the direction, at the front of it, has the turning system, it is very convenient. Although the semi trailer and drawebar trailer is very much like, But actually complete different. First of all, the axles is concentrated in the middle of the trailer, second, the tra ction device does not move up and down. Because of this, parts of the weight  of the normal semi trailer must be borne by the tractor, Once you leave the tractor, the trailer will lose its center of gravity on the road. Overall,  the full stake semi trailer is more easily  to reverse than to fully mount. The normal semi trailer has advantage in driving stability that the drawbar trailer can not match, and it can legally drive at the high speed. 


Just like the pictures we posted, as for the type of the drawbar trailer, we also have several type for customers choose. The all details of it support customized according to your requirements, such as the max payload, the height of the side wall and fence etc, if you are engaged in the transportation business and need our products, welcome to inquiry with our sales manager, we will reply you within 7 hours. Thanks!


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