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What is the Difference between Dump Tipper Semi Trailer and Dump Truck?

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This new let us focus on the tiper semi trailer and tipper truck. If you are engaged in the construction industry, mineral mining etc like this type industry, during the construction industry, you need to transport sand/stone/gravel/construction material to do transportation. So now the dump tipper semi trailer and dump truck will be a powerful transport weapon for your transportation. Do you choose tipper semi trailer or dump truck to do your business? What is the difference between the tipper semi trailer and dump truck? What is the same point of them to do transportation?


Semi tipper trailers are suitable for the transportation of bulk and bulk goods such as coal, ore and building materials. It is usually linked the truck head to do complete transportation.

Dump truck trailer can be divided into two categories according to their uses: One category is heavy-duty and super-heavy dump trucks used for off-road transportation. They are mainly responsible for large-scale mining and engineering transportation tasks, and are usually used in conjunction with excavators. Another type of dump trailer, medium, and ordinary dump trucks for road transportation is mainly responsible for the transportation of loose goods such as sand, gravel, coal, etc. It is usually used with a loader.  This kind of tipper semi trailer is very convenient for large-scale bulk goods loading. One units truck is consist of the one truck head and one semi trailer. The end dump trailer is the front end of the trailer connected to the rear end of the tractor. Part of the total weight of the trailer is borne by the tractor. It doesn’t have itself power, it is carried together with the truck head, and the end dump trailer for sale is driven by the tractor. The hydraulic power of the tipper trailer from the truck head to provide. The position of the cylinder of the tipper trailer can be design at the front, and also design and install the middle of the trailer. It can be devided into side drop tipper trailer and end tipper semi trailer.

dump truck(1)(1)

The dump truck is a complete truck for transportation, it has the same function like the tipper trailer, it also have a cylinder of to lift the dump box to discharge the goods. The cylinder like the tipper trailer, also can install the front and middle of the dump box. But the rear dump box and the front of the car can not be separated, they are a whole truck. Compare with the tiper trailer, the volome it can load is a little less than tipper trailer. It also can be devided into two type, that is 10 wheel dump truck and 12 wheel dump truck for your reference. 

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