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What are the common sense of maintenance in the fence semi trailer?

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The fence semi trailer of the warehouse are used for its strengths, large loading capacity, fast transportation, convenient disassembly, wide use, and low investment costs. With the promotion of social and economic factors such as energy conservation and environmental protection, it has been developed and widely used. The main equipment. Then let me briefly introduce the maintenance common sense of the half trailer of the fence.

The maintenance of the fence semi trailer engine should be maintained through the main aspects of thermostat, water cover, etc. Check the working conditions of the engine insulation to ensure that it work normally and prevent the engine from excessive water temperature or too low Too high.

the fence semi trailer

The fence trailer of the warehouse is maintained and the air filter element should be maintained for 30 hours. While rotating the filter element, the compressed air with a pressure of less than 0.6MPa blows from the inside to the outside. After five maintenance, please replace the new filter element, and it is strictly forbidden to use oil or water cleaning the filter element.

The maintenance of the fence semi trailer of the warehouse is based on time and mileage. Generally speaking, the car must be maintained once every 5,000 kilometers or 6 months. Maintenance. In addition, the fence semi trailer is best to wash the trailer at the same time during maintenance at the time of maintenance. The part of the car maintenance is often inspected.

the fence semi trailer2

Among them, there are five main points of the maintenance of the fence semi trailer: 1. Use the appropriate level of oil to replace the oil and filter element every 5,000 kilometers; Replace the fuel filter element; 4. Maintain the water tank heat sink per 30,000 kilometers; 5, 40,000 kilometers or driving, change the spark plug. Conventional regular replacement projects organic oil, machine filter, air filter element, fuel filter element, air-conditioning filter element, carbon can, gearbox oil, brake oil, help oil, antifreeze ribbon, etc. There are also regular inspections and adjustment projects such as four wheeled positioning and replacement, brake pads, etc.

In general, the large maintenance of the fence semi trailer of the warehouse is based on small maintenance, and the mileage and time of maintenance are also long, but there are many replacement items. In addition to all projects including small maintenance, it also includes checking or replacing brake pads and tires. Check the timing belt and spark plug, cleaning fuel system and air conditioning system, check the battery and other projects. The vehicle can be diligent in maintenance and maintenance, the fence semi trailer can avoid many unnecessary troubles. In daily work.

the fence semi trailer3

The maintenance of fence semi trailers for summer must first notice the problem of non-slip during the rainy season. In addition to the driving side of the semi trailer, the driver has good driving habits and skills. The maintenance of brakes and tires is also the key to driving safety. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance in daily use. Maintenance can be performed in the following steps.

The body wax glaze. The acidic ingredients in rainwater have strong corrosion of car paint. Therefore, it is better to make the surface of the car the beauty of the car.

The chassis anti rust. The paint, the chassis is close to the ground, and it is easy to corrode, so we must pay attention to the cleaning and rust treatment of the vehicle chassis.

Sneeper disinfection. The cleaning of the vehicle in the rainy season avoids the harm of various bacteria to the human body.


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