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What Is Bulk Cement Trailer?

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Bulk cement trailer is also called dry bulk tanker semi-trailer. It is often used for bulk transportation of fly ash, cement, lime powder and other dry materials with particle diameters not greater than 0.1mm. The volume is between 35-45 cubic meters. Bulk cement trailer has strong applicability and is widely used in sand and gravel plants, ports, construction sites, mines, etc., which can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.


Bulk cement trailer structural features:

1. Frame: The overall material of the cement tank trailer frame is high-strength steel, which makes the quality more reliable. At the same time, the frame is equipped with a variety of components to ensure better adaptability and longer service life. Reinforced front and rear frames are adopted, with reasonable load distribution, strong bearing capacity and good stability.

2. Tank body: The tank body of the bulk cement trailer is made of steel plate, and the welding is automatically welded by CO2 gas protection, and the welding quality is reliable. The interior of the tank adopts advanced vulcanization tank structure, double or three-chamber horizontal tank design, reasonable fluidization angle, and large internal chute angle to ensure special performance, increase effective volume, fast discharge speed, and low residual rate. There is a manhole cover and a non-slip walkway above the tank for loading, unloading and maintenance personnel to enter the tank.

3. Air pipe system: There is an air intake pipe in the front air chamber and the rear air chamber. The functions of simultaneous opening and individual control can be realized by operating the ball valve. The working principle of the air pipeline system: First, the working power of the system is provided by the gearbox of the tractor, and the transmission is used to drive the air compressor to compress the air. Then the generated compressed air enters the air chamber through the pipeline, making the powder material in the tank fluidized. The standard for unloading is that the pressure in the tank reaches 0.196Mpa.

4. External power and air compressor: bulk cement trailer for sale is equipped with an external WEICHAI 4102 diesel engine and WUHU FUDA vehicle air compressor unit to ensure sufficient air pressure when the vehicle is unloading. WUHU FUDA air compressor can adapt to dust environment and field environment, and has high reliability.


Precautions for using bulk cement trailer:

During the unloading process of the bulk cement tanker, it is necessary to exert pressure on the inside of the tank so that the material can be unloaded quickly, which leads to excessive pressure during the operation. The causes of excessive pressure in the tank can be roughly divided into three categories: the unloading valve opens late in the pressurization stage before unloading; the air supply volume at the beginning of unloading is greater than the discharge volume of the tank; pipeline blockage occurs during unloading.

In order to ensure the safety of the bulk cement tanker during the unloading process, it is necessary to configure safety devices such as pressure gauges, safety valves, air release valves, and booster valves. During the whole unloading process, the pressure gauge and the safety valve play an important role in ensuring the safety of the pressure in the tank. Once both fail at the same time, the bulk cement trailer cannot automatically exhaust and reduce the pressure, and it is very easy to cause an explosion due to excessive pressure in the tank. . During the entire unloading process, the operator needs to monitor the pressure in the tank and the unloading situation at all times.


Although the bulk cement trailer has a wide range of uses, the safety hazards during use cannot be ignored. Therefore, before using the bulk cement tanker, the tanker driver and the operator should do relevant skill training, and have a sufficient understanding of the process to ensure safe use.


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