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Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer Feedback From Nigeria

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Nigeria customer received the 3/4 axle low loader trailer, and the customer stated that it is stronger and stronger than the low loader trailer in the pictures and videos.Nigeria customer is recommended by a friend to buyFUDENG’s low bed semi trailer. His friend is our old customer. He buys a  Lowbed semi trailer from FUDENG every year. So Nigeria customers trust the quality and quality of FUDENG 3 axle low loader trailer very much.


There have many common suspension for semi trailers.

The suspension is an important component connecting the chassis and the frame. The supporting force, braking force, driving force, etc. of the 60-70 tons lowbed trailers are all transmitted through the suspension system, and it can also reduce the impact of harsh roads on the vehicle and ensure The importance of the stability of the vehicle is self-evident.

Suspension is generally divided into independent and non-independent suspensions. For semi-trailers, due to the need for strong load-bearing capacity, all non-independent suspensions are used. 


FUDENG 3 axles lowbed semi trailer is for heavy duty equipment transport , this one carry 60-70 tons even 80 tons no problem , the dimension of trailers can be design , usually , our lowbed trailers widely is 3 meters , if in your side with serious widely limit , we can add the wide device for you . 

If you are interested in our lowbed trailers or other trailers type , welcome to ask more information to us at anytime ! 


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