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TrI-axles Fence Cargo Semi Trailer Export to Liberia

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We have recently exported two fence cargo semi trailer to Liberia. The initial communication with the customer is that our company's salesperson has received the customer's inquiry. When I first started communicating, I learned that customers browsed our website on Google and saw our semi-trailer and truck products. They were very interested because the customers themselves were in the transportation industry before, and now they just have demand. Our company has sent an inquiry to learn more about it. Based on the above simple communication and understanding, we learned that customers are not completely ignorant of semi-trailers. For some key parts, customers still understand more clearly. Therefore, we have to recommend the most suitable products to the customer according to the specific demands of the customer. Of course, customers like Tanzania before have not been involved in the transportation industry before, and want to try to do transportation. For such customers, we will display our products in all directions and let customers know that our products are suitable for him. This Liberian customer previously used flatbed semi-trailers for transportation, mainly for bulk cargo, but it took a long time. Seeing that local counterparts who are also doing business are using warehouse semi-trailers to transport bulk goods, and the price is very reasonable, The customer wants to try to purchase one in China. This is the first time a customer has purchased in China. Our salesman sent pictures and videos to inform customers that we are a large professional semi-trailer factory dedicated to the production and export of semi-trailers, mainly for the African market. Our company has exported a variety of vehicles, including warehouse trucks. We have rich experience when we arrive at their local area, and we are very familiar with the local market, and we are a large factory, and we can offer our customers very competitive prices. Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of semi-trailers. Our products mainly include flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer, side loader semi trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, bulk cement tanker trailer,truck head and dump truck. Our products can be customized according to customer requirements, and the specific load is designed according to the model. The customer was satisfied after learning this information, and sent the customer a few different styles of cars we designed for other customers. Let the customer take a look and ask if the customer has a specific load requirement. The customer has to transport 60 tons. Inform the customer that there is no problem, our three axles fence cargo semi trailer can fully meet him transport need. At the same time, in the process of our communication, customers mentioned that their local road conditions are very bad. After we understand the points that customers are more concerned about, we will inform customers by displaying pictures and videos. This can be assured. Our The raw material is a high-strength plate, which has been manually welded and machine welded. At the same time, our main beam and mechanical suspension are specially thickened, which can be well adapted to their local road conditions. Customer response: perfect, this is what I want! Because this is the first time a customer has bought a fence cargo semi trailer, it is inevitable that they will be worried. That is to say, the trust in us has not been fully established. We have updated the pictures of our old customers in their local areas using our semi-trailers. Customers can rest assured and dispel their worries. After a few days of close communication, the customer is ready to purchase and is ready to arrange payment as soon as possible, so that we can start production for him as soon as possible. He wants to receive the car as soon as possible and start using it as soon as possible, because it is indeed a good quality car that will bring considerable profits to his transportation business.

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Because the customer has a locomotive that can tow the semi-trailer, the customer does not buy it temporarily, but the customer will have a purchase plan for five locomotives next year, indicating that they will purchase it from us. This is really good news for us. In the end, the height of the saddle was confirmed with the customer, the customer paid a deposit, and then usually made very detailed drawings. After confirming with the customer that there was no problem, the factory began to arrange production for the customer. Before, the customer planned to purchase one car. After learning about our shipping method, the customer changed the purchase quantity, and the customer had to purchase three at a time. Among the customers we communicated with, there will be many customers who do not understand that our semi-trailer is so big, why can we save shipping costs by purchasing more than one? This is because whether it is a semi-trailer or a semi-trailer with a fence, the fence and the fence can be freely disassembled, especially when the customer purchases two to three or more units, it is very important to be able to disassemble freely. If customer choose buy two or three units fence cargo semi trailer, we will stack two or three units fence cargo semi trailer as a one package to arrange delivery for our customers, this method ca save the shipping space in order to save the shipping cost for our customers. Now, in the transportation industry, more and more customers choose to use  semi-trailers to transport bulk cargo, which is becoming more and more popular. Why are so many people tend to buy it now? It is because the customer has seen that such a semi-trailer has multi-functional transportability. It can not only be used to transport containers, but also can be used to transport a variety of bulk goods. The fence cargo semi trailer will become side wall semi trailer when detach the fence or double fence when fence is detach, at the same time, it also can become the flatbed semi trailer for 20ft and 40ft container transportation after detach the fence and side wall.To meet these functions, only one vehicle can be completed. It can greatly save the customer's transportation cost and greatly improve the customer's transportation efficiency. A good quality semi trailer can also bring huge economic benefits to the customer. This is also the purpose of our company. We attach great importance to product quality. We want to help customers grow their business bigger and stronger through our high-quality products with competitive prices, so as to achieve long-term cooperation between us.

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During the production period, our sales staff update the pictures and videos to the customers in time, so that the customers can pay attention to the progress of the production in time, so that the customers can rest assured.The production time is very efficient. Soon, the production of the three cars of the Liberian customer is completed in our factory, and we are ready to arrange the delivery for the customer. During the communication, the customer is also very concerned about shipping issues. We inform the customer that we will book the ship with the nearest sailing schedule for him before the semi-trailer production is completed, so that he can receive his ship as soon as possible. As for the shipping method, we often use the bulk cargo ship and RO-RO ship for our customer to arrange delivery for our customers. We will choose the ecoonomic and safe method to arrange delivery for you, at the same time, we will spary the wax on the trailer body for our customers in case of the rust during the process of the transportation. Now this customer has already received him three units fence cargo semi trailer and start to use it now. This Liberia customer give us excellent feedback and he promise he will introduce his colleague to purchase our fence cargo semi trailer because of the very very good quality of our fence cargo semi trailer. Indeed, our fence cargo quality will never let our customer down. We have a lot special advantage in manufacture, our factory have advanced technique of the semi trailer, it has over 20 years produce experience.


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