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Things you don't know about fuel tank trailers

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     A lot about fuel tank trailer,How much do you know?  Next Shandong Forden Automobile Co., Ltd. will teach you a few fuel tank trailer to easily fix the common faults of oil tankers!  At present, many fuel tank trailer owners do not pay attention to the daily maintenance of the vehicle, until the problem comes out to the repair shop  for maintenance, the cost of fuel tank trailer maintenance increases, but also consumes a lot of time and energy of tank fuel tank trailer owners.  In fact, many minor problems can be avoided through the daily maintenance of tanker owners.    

            fuel tank trailer

     The following eight points are introduced:

1. The oil tanker trailer started, the engine doesn't work: the engine start is a spark plug, powered by the battery current deals engine suddenly don't fire may have the following two reasons, first of all, may be due to battery rust or battery drip, followed by dampness engine spark plug on rainy days.  Maintenance method: every one or two months to check the battery battery liquid is sufficient.  If the liquid level is between the upper and lower lines during observation, it is considered appropriate.  At the same time, the liquid level of each tank should also be checked.  If the liquid level is insufficient, you can unscrew the cover above the battery and pour distilled water to make up the liquid level.  Then check the wiring terminals of the battery, and use an iron brush to brush the dirt on the wiring terminals.  If the wiring clamp is badly polluted, rub it along the inner wall with sandpaper to remove the dirt.  If the spark plug is damp, take it out and bake it with a lighter to evaporate the moisture on it as quickly as possible.  

2. The exhaust noise of the  fuel tank trailer increases the exhaust gas emissions increase the reason for exceeding the standard: This reason may be due to the oxidation of the exhaust gas of the engine through high temperature, leading to the leakage of the exhaust system.  Maintenance method: regularly check the exhaust system pipeline, interface (especially muffler, etc.) is corroded by exhaust gas, interface pad is not washed out.  If leakage of exhaust system is found, If customers need to replace or purchase parts, we can help  .  Checking once a year can not only ensure the normal operation of the exhaust system, but more importantly, reduce the pollution of harmful substances in the exhaust gas to the environment.  

3. Fuel consumption of fuel tank trailers inexplicably increased reasons: there are many reasons for the increase in fuel consumption.  But the most common and easily ignored by fuel tank trailer owners is the tire pressure check.  Insufficient tire pressure will not only lead to increased driving resistance, resulting in rising fuel consumption, but also affect the service life of tires.Maintenance method: when driving, pay more attention to whether each tire has air, and check the tire pressure regularly.  Of course, do not forget to check the spare tire, so as not to find that the spare tire has no air when it is urgent to replace the tire.  Tire pressure is higher than normal when the temperature is high, so it is more accurate to measure tire pressure on cold days or in the shade. Tires should be exchanged every 10,000 kilometers to avoid too much difference in wear.  If you need to replace worn tires, it is best to replace two or four tires together, and the same tires can be crossed before and after the replacement.  Plus, creased tires help save fuel.  

4. The obvious decline in engine performance of  fuel tank trailers is accompanied by an increase in fuel consumption. This is probably caused by inadequate combustion of oil and increased fuel tank trailerbon accumulation of the engine caused by not replacing the oil, oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter for a long time.  Maintenance method: oil, oil filter, every 5000 km to replace, and air filter and gasoline filter every 10000 km need to be replaced, otherwise the impurities in air, fuel and oil will cause parts wear and block the oil road, thus affecting the normal operation of the engine.

fuel tank trailer3  

5. Cause of oil pump damage of  fuel tank trailer: Unreasonable behavior during refueling may cause oil pump damage.  Maintenance method: when the owner refuels the fuel tank trailer, try not to wait for the fuel alarm light to refuel, which will shorten the service life of the oil pump, too little oil storage or fuel exhaustion may burn the oil pump.  If often driving in urban areas and refueling is more convenient, it is not necessary to fill up at a time, because it may lead to oil floating and sensor failure, distortion of the fuel gauge and increase fuel consumption, so it is recommended that the owner of the fuel consumption is about the same time to refueling.  

6. fuel tank trailer battery instability causes: abnormal changes in the electrolyte will affect the performance and reliability of the battery.  Maintenance method: driving in summer, the battery will appear overcharge phenomenon, electrolyte evaporation fast, plate easy to damage.  Therefore, it is necessary to check the liquid level height of the battery and the proportion of electrolyte (electrolyte proportion should be smaller than winter), often to the battery with distilled water;  In winter, do not discharge the battery completely, and pay attention to whether the electrolyte is frozen.  

7. Fuel tank trailer windshield wiper cleaning effect is not good reason: windshield wiper damage, will cause cleaning is not clean.  Maintenance method: first of all, tanker owners need to correct the bad habit of dry scraping, it is best to spray water and then open the wiper, which is conducive to the protection of the wiper blade.  Secondly, the wiper sometimes makes a gurgling sound. At this time, if the wiper is complete, the owner had better go to the 4S shop to correct the Angle of the wiper.  Finally, if the tanker is parked for a long time, the owner can find a foam strip or wooden strip under the wiper, so that the windshield wiper separated from each other, which can extend the wiper's service life.  

8. fuel tank trailers are easy to tire explosion reason: tire wear is serious, there are puncture scratches maintenance method: to check the tire pressure regularly, every other month to measure the tire pressure, supplement at any time.  Before the highway to check the tire pressure, so that it is within the normal range.  Try not to run too long in a row at high speed, can be appropriate parking in the rest area, so that the tire cooling.  This is especially important in the summer.  Try to avoid sharp starts, hard brakes and quick cornering, which can exacerbate tire wear and add instant pressure.  Don't crush anything hard on the road and control the speed.  Tank fuel tank trailer tires to a certain mileage depends on the road surface and wear conditions and determine whether to replace.  Generally speaking, urban road time can be longer, if often on the high speed or poor exercise road surface, it is necessary to replace the wear degree in time.

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