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Reasons for non-machine groups that cause refrigerated truck crews?

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How should we use a refrigerated truck? How to avoid the risk caused by improper use? Correct operation and use of refrigerated cars are the key to ensuring the quality of temperature control. It is also where the refrigeration equipment can work normally.

The cargo is not refrigerated, the environmental temperature high refrigeration unit has a slow effect, resulting in a large amount of cargo thermal vapor and cold evaporator, the tray can quickly frost (or ice), and the crew will repeatedly enter the defrost state; The phenomenon that cannot be reduced

The temperature performance of the refrigerated truck compartment body is poor, the heating rate is high, and the refrigeration effect cannot be guaranteed

The condenser is dirty, and the heat dissipation is poor, and high pressure protection occurs when running

refrigerated truck

The air in the compartment is poorly flowing, the cold quantity attenuation will be very powerful, and the unit effect will decrease sharply.

When loading, the front of the air outlet is blocked by the goods or too close to the goods, which will also affect the normal work of the freezer. Because the outlet is blocked by the goods, refrigerated truck air-conditioning (or heat) cannot be circulated normally in the carriage, which increases the local temperature of the goods.

On the other hand, some of the frost design of the freezer uses air sensitivity defrosting. When the cargo is too close to the air outlet, the tray pipe in the unit evaporator will quickly frost (or ice). On the left, refrigerated truck the defrost ends immediately. Therefore, the unit will have a reciprocating operation, at high speeds, the refrigeration machine cannot be started, refrigerated truck and it can only be started at low speed.which will cause the temperature in the van to fall. The intuitive feeling for everyone is that the crew is always frequent. In fact, it is due to the high (more) of the goods.

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The initial refrigeration units to the nearby service station inspection bracket, compressor, belt pipeline, line, refrigerated truck whether there are loosening and wear within 15 days. It is recommended to bring 2 belts. The refrigerator belt is normal for a 5 mm pressure gap between one finger. If the belt is too tight, it will lose the horsepower of the engine. The belt is too loose, and the belt will slip and the belt is worn.

Before the refrigerator is out of the car, the driver checks the tightening belt on its own. The tight wheel can be properly adjusted by the wrench and tightening a tight wheel to adjust the compressor belt, unlock the fault), the compressor bracket bolt must be tightened, the coolant, the oil, and the refrigerator's condenser must be cleaned depending on the situation, the dirty dirty is dirty, and the dirty is dirty. The condenser affects the heat dissipation effect.

Install non-independent refrigeration units, at high speeds, the refrigeration machine cannot be started, refrigerated truck and it can only be started at low speed. When parking, stop the refrigeration unit first.

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Non-independent refrigeration units, when parking idle or engine low speed, do not start the refrigeration unit for a long time to avoid battery loss.

Cold machine maintenance: It is recommended to check in the service station for about 1-2 years (1,000 hours of working independent units), and replace the frozen oil, dry bottle, refrigerated truck.

The refrigerated truck unit should run 15 minutes for 15 days to ensure the inside of the refrigeration unit.

Installing a cold machine for power reserve, someone must be on duty when the power settlement work.


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