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How to pre-cold refrigerated truck thermal insulation boxes in advance?

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The refrigerated truck unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods. The sun is exposed to the sun, and the interior of the carriage is like a oven. At this time, the temperature inside the carriage includes the air that has been baked. If the cold goods are not pre-cold, the goods will be in the hot air as soon as possible. Heat the carriage plate, the temperature of the goods has risen, and then use the cold machine to hit the temperature. The speed is very slow, refrigerated truck and because the temperature cannot be hit for a long time, it will waste a lot of oil.

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Suggestion steps:

Open the compartment, vigorously swing the carriage, let the outside air enter the carriage several times, and discharge the hot air.

Before closing the door, refrigerated truck open the refrigeration unit for 5 minutes, so that the evaporator fan work to generate air convection, and discharge the heat better. At the same time, let the cold machine adapt to the ambient temperature first.

Turn off the carriages, set the engine speed around 2000 rpm, pre-cold carriage air to the need for transportation of the cargo to turn off the refrigeration unit.

When loading, the speed is as fast as possible, refrigerated truck and you should pay attention to reserve space for the cold air circulation.

Instructions for the use of the insulation box:

1. The pre-cold pass through the insulation box should be pre-cold before use (open the lid and place it in the cold storage. The pre-cold is generally 30 minutes. The interval is subject to)

2. The ice row and ice pack freezing pass through verification. Ice row and ice packs should be frozen (-18 ° C to -20 ° C) in the refrigerator to complete solidification: freezing at least 24 hours in winter; refrigerated truck at least 48 hours in summer. After freezing the ice row and ice pack, the single layer should be placed at 2 to 8 ° C to 3 to 4 hours.

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Second, thermal insulation box operation specification:

1. The operation of the pre-cold pre-cold insulation box shall be divided into the pre -cold situation of the thermal insulation box in the cold storage in the cold storage. It should be divided into a pre-cold completion area and a pre-cold area:

(1) Pre-cold completion area. In this area, the temperature displayed by the box display should reach 2-8 degrees requirements. The insulation box that completes the pre-cold work is also stored for temporarily unused, refrigerated truck but it also reaches the temperature requirements of the temperature requirements. After the box meets the temperature requirements, the box can be closed.

(2) Pre-cold area. After this area should be stored, the insulation box needs to be re -cooled. The insulation box in this area needs to open the lid for pre -cold to ensure that the temperature can be fully swapped.

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3. Regulations on the use of ice row and ice packs

1. Partition management ice row and ice bag management are divided into three areas (freezer), area 2 (freezer), refrigerated truck area 3 (cold storage), each cold cabinet "," Frozen Zone "is used to store ice row for more than 48 hours.

2. Operation specification


(1) The use of ice row and ice packs shall prevail on the date and double number. Before use, the existing ice row and ice packs are divided into freezer 1 and 2 of freezer. All ice rows and ice packs must be refrigerated for 24 hours.


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