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How to maintain the semi trailer axle in winter?

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   With the arrival of the severe winter season, the temperature continues to drop, especially in the northern part of our country, the north wind has been raging for days, and the temperature has continued to drop. Even in sunny weather, it is difficult to resist the biting cold.

For transportation vehicles in winter, various parts are more fragile than other seasons. If you want to ensure the safe and smooth completion of transportation operations in freezing weather, you must pay attention to daily care and maintenance. In particular, the axle, as one of the semi-trailer power core assemblies, is directly related to the vehicle's key functions such as load-bearing and braking. Car owners must check and maintain them regularly, and repair them in time when problems are found.

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   So, how to maintain the axle in winter?

1. Before running the vehicle, pay attention to check whether the external connecting bolts of the axle are loose, whether there is oil leakage, or whether there is abnormal noise in the wheel hub and reducer assembly. If you find a problem, fix it before you hit the road.

2. If it is a newly replaced axle, pay attention to the first maintenance, which mainly includes replacing the lubricating oil and gear oil, checking the front axle toe-in, adjusting the brake clearance, and checking the fasteners. The first maintenance is done well, which can largely avoid problems in subsequent use, and also help to prolong the service life of the axle.

3. Under normal circumstances, at most intervals of 10,000km, the owner needs to carry out a large-scale maintenance of the axle, including changing the lubricating oil, checking the fasteners, checking the toe-in, checking the wear degree of the friction plates, and checking the reducer assembly. And gear oil, etc., if there is a problem, replace or repair it in time.

4. In daily use, it must be transported in strict accordance with the nuclear load requirements.

5. When driving, do not speed too fast, do not step on the accelerator and release the clutch pedal violently, to avoid deformation of the axle, twisting of the axle shaft or breaking the gear

6. Pay attention to the selection of special lubricating oil or gear oil in winter, and check the temperature of the bridge head frequently.

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   Some car owners may say: The axle I bought is maintenance free, so can it be maintained without frequent maintenance?

   Although the maintenance free axle has the characteristics of long maintenance period, simple maintenance operation and high operating efficiency, it is not generally "maintenance free" in the full sense, and there is also a mileage limit. To repair and maintain, but the maintenance operation is simpler. Besides, the use of axles is closely related to the transportation road conditions, transportation types, and transportation frequency of vehicles. The usage and wear of axles of different vehicles are naturally different. It is difficult to use a unified mileage as a reference. The most important thing is that safety is no trivial matter. After all, the axle is an important component related to the safety of the vehicle. It is recommended that the owner should not leave it alone, or do a good job in daily inspection.

    A good axle can be used with more confidence. which has more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience and resources of the Darong Group, is closer to the needs of Chinese car owners while ensuring strength, toughness, lightweight and other performance, with higher cost performance and higher reliability. 

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