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How to drive oil tank semi trailer safely?

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Fudeng oil tank semi trailer is very popular and loved by many African customers. However, due to the long body of the semi-trailer, it is difficult for the driver to control a series of problems such as turning and reversing, so how to drive the oil tank semi trailer safely?

1. When reversing the fuel tanker semi trailer, observe the left and right reflectors while observing backwards. Turn the reflectors down a little so that you can see the white line of the parking space on the ground.

2. When reversing the diesel tanker trailer, pay attention to the front of the car, do not turn the direction too fast, and turn back slowly. It doesn't matter if you are a novice and adjust it a few times, and there will be no problem if you become proficient in the future.

3. When reversing the tanker trailer, pay attention to the pedestrians behind the car, especially the elderly and children. Children who are small, or squatting on the ground to play, may be overlooked, and the walking speed of the elderly is slow. If you see old people and children passing by behind your car, you must wait until you see them getting out before reversing.

4. When the petrol tanker trailer turns, the speed should not be fast, especially the narrow ones. If necessary, put down the window and stick your head out of the car to observe.

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In addition, the medium transported by the fuel tanker trailer is relatively special, and the safety requirements are relatively strict. The following points should also be noted during use:

1. The semi trailer tanker should have a reliable grounding device and a protective device that forms a static conduction path between the tanker and the liquid-receiving equipment during operation.

2. Fuel tanker electrical components and conductor connections should be reliable, well shielded, and have explosion-proof measures.

3. Fuel semi trailers should have measures to eliminate static electricity and fire, and an antistatic device is installed at the end of the tank.

4. The metal pipeline of the fuel transport trailer should pay attention to the static conductive sheet between two points and the connection between the pipeline and the tank, the chassis and the tank, and there should be a conductive sheet between any two points of the pipeline or any point to the ground or the internal conductor of the tank. The path resistance from any point on the electrostatic part to the two ends of the hose at the grounding point shall meet the relevant national standards.

5. The engine exhaust pipe of the oil tank semi trailer is a front-mounted structure, and it should be equipped with a fireproof cap during use to prevent accidents. The fuel transport trailer must also be equipped with a fire extinguisher as an essential safety measure.

6. Both sides of the petrol tanker trailer should have eye-catching words to prevent fires (such as "no smoking") or other obvious signs.

Only by meeting the above requirements can the fuel tanker semi trailer drive safely on the road. Always keep in mind the principle of "safety first" in order to ensure the safety of life and reduce accidents.

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