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How to Process the Efficient Transport and Ensure the Safe Use of the Fence Semi Trailer?

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Nowadays, in the aspect of the transportation, more and more customer prefer use the fence cargo semi trailer do to transportation, why a lot of customer choose the fence carfo semi trailer? Because now they pay more attention to the efficient and muti-fuctional of the trailer. If one semi trailer can transport different type goods and price and quality is excellent, why not choose it to do transportation? We are the professional manufacturer of the semi trailer and truck in China, with the development of our company, now we goal is design and produce the more practical trailer to help them make more profit in the transportation bussiness. We always believe we use the high quality products to win the trust of more and more customers. So the next, how to do the efficient transportation use our fence cargo semi trailer?

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One unit fence cargo semi trailer has several function for transportation. FUDENG fence semi trailer develop on the basis of container flatbed trailers and side wall trailer. The stake trailer has a fence structure design.Mainly used for transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other bulk cargo. It basic of the flatbed semi trailer, the fence cargo semi trailer will become a side wall semi trailer to use when detack the fence, and it also can become a flatbed semi trailer when detach the side wall and fence. It is very worthy for your transportation. The fence cargo trailer can be added with a container lock to transport the container. so you can use you fence cargo semi trailer to load 20ft and 40ft container and diverse bulk cargo, such as Agricultural products, cement in bags, sugar in bags etc. The height of the side wall and fence can be customized according to your need. At the same time, you also can use this fence cargo semi trailer to transport livestock, the style can be customzied according to your need, we also can equip with the door for you at the back of the trailer or side. One unit fence cargo semi trailer can help you more efficient to do transportation. If you want to expand your fleet, that will be very nice for you.

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If you want use it to transport livestock, the safety during the transportation process is very important.   And then how to ensure the safety of your use process? This following is some suggestion for you:

1) Do an inspection to make sure that there are no sharp objects protruding into the trailer. Repairs to such protrusions should be made to prevent injury to your livestock.

2) Weight is well distributed. Allow the heaviest animals to occupy the section supported by the fence truck trailer axles’ front. Larger and older animals should be loaded first and then follow up with smaller and younger ones.

3) Use slip knots when tying the animals after loading them onto the bulk cargo trailer. Tying inside the animal transport trailer should be made at head height.

4) It is important to ensure visibility. Animals should be able to see anyone entering and exiting the animal transport trailer, when inside the trailer tying or untying them.

5) Always be careful about being squeezed and pinned between the animals or the livetock trailer sides and the trailer gate as well.

6) Immediately after loading the animals onto the cargo semi trailer, close the gates and make sure the animals are secure.

If you are interested in our fence cargo semi trailer, welcome to inquiry with us in any time, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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