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How to Know You Get a Worthy Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer?

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Tanker trailer is a special purpose vehicle of dangerous goods, and its safety has always been the focus of national regulatory agencies, dangerous goods transportation companies and fuel tanker trailer owners. Then as the core component of the tanker, the tanker body is selected. What kind of material has always been a problem for dangerous goods transportation companies and tanker trailer owners.If the tank body made of carbon steel is used, because the weight of the carbon steel tank body is large, the load will be less and it is easy to be overloaded; if the aluminum alloy tank body is used, although the tank body is lighter, it is worried about the aluminum alloy tank body. Because there is no toughness, I worry that the life of the tank is too short. So now more and more customers consider buy the aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer to load the diverse oil, such as gasoline, diesel, and crude oil and something like that. But if you cpmpare the aluminum and carbon steel fuel tanker trailer, you will find the cost of the aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer is three to four times than carbon steel mateial. If you want and already choose the aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer, how to know you get a durable and worthy tanker semi trailer? Today this news can let you know whether you get a durable and worthy tanker trailer. And you also will know why nowadays have more and more customers choose the aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer although thge cost is expensive than carbon steel material.

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Besides the raw material is different from the carbon steel tanker trailer, the aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer must have advantage according to the price difference from the carbon steel one. A very large advantage of it is the aluminum material is lighter, because the some Africa country road weight policy, the customers pay more attention to the tare weight of the tanker, our aluminum fuel is light for many country that has road weight policy limited, such as Zimbabwe etc. So you need to pay attention to whether you tanker load more for you, because using the aluminum reduce the tare weight of the tanker body. The light tare weigt of it has very large advantage for you business, you can cost by yourself, if you can load more use one unit tanker than before, how many extra profit you can make in one year. That has very large profit space for your business. tank body is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, the material density is relatively small, so the tank body of the same volume is lighter than carbon steel. Let’s take a 28-cubic tanker as an example. If it is produced with aluminum alloy tank material, the curb weight of this vehicle is about 11 tons;if it is produced with carbon steel material, the curb weight of this vehicle is Up to 13 tons. In the case that the total weight of the four-axle vehicle is 32 tons, the greater the curb weight, the smaller the rated load. Then we can see that it is also a 28 cubic meter tanker, and the tanker with an aluminum alloy tank can pull two tons of oil more than the tanker with carbon steel. Two tons per trip, how much more money you can make in one year. FUDENG brand fuel tanker is committed this aspact, one of our goal is that help our customer to grow him business by using our proucts. So this is the important aspect you need to check and pay attention to whether you get a durable and worthy fuel tanker semi trailer. At the another espact, you can check the tanker body will rust or not, The aluminum alloy tank body does not rust and does not pollute the oil.Due to the chemical reaction between aluminum and oxygen, aluminum oxide is formed, which is aluminum rust. Aluminum rust is very thin, its thickness is only one ten-thousandth of a millimeter, but it is very hard and very wear-resistant. It clings to the surface of the aluminum, so that the aluminum inside cannot reach the outside air, and prevents the aluminum from continuing to rust. Therefore, the fuel tanker body will not pollute the oil during the transportation, and there will be no impurities during the oil transportation. If you got the your trailer, the tanker body will rust, that not a good quality aluminum fuel tanker trailer, use this one point also can test it.

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At the same time, because  the tanker body is lighter, so the gravity is more lower, so this kind of fuel tanker semi trailer is more safe during the transportation process, it can ensure your durability and safety. The density of aluminum alloy tank material is 2.72g/cm3, and the density of carbon steel tank material is 7.85/cm3. The weight of carbon steel is almost 3 times that of an aluminum alloy tank under the same volume. Due to the small weight of the aluminum alloy tank, the center of gravity is safer than that of the carbon steel tanker.At the same time, it is more fuel-efficient due to the reduction of the vehicle's own weight. In addition, the aluminum alloy tank has better thermal and electrical properties and is easy to release static electricity. When the tank collides with foreign objects, no sparks will be generated, which reduces the possibility of fire. And we also have customers will buy the truck head and tanker trailer together, no matter you buy the aluminum and carbon steel tanker, we will install the exhaust pipe on the front of the truck head, it can help you to exhaust waste gas. The above point I introduced you can use them test whether you get the worthy fuel tanker semi trailer.

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When you got your fuel tanker semi trailer, you also can check the spare parts of it. In order to ensure the long using life, all the spare parts we used on the tanker trailer is world famous brand. The reinforced mechanical suspension can well adapt the rough condition and very durable for that. Now some country has road weightn limited, so besides the mechanical suspension, you also can choose air bag suspension, we can design the front axles or rear axles lifting to reduce the weight for you. The manhole cover shows that we are different from other suppliers in that we have designed a vapor recovery system to reduce oil loss. Every unit fuel tanker trailer will equip with extinguisher in case of the emergency during the transpotation process. Because the oil is the dangerous. As for the dicharge valve, you can choosen link several discharge valve together. Under the tanker body, will install a bottom valve device, that is a safe device in case of the emergency. It will automatic lock when the tanker happen the emergency. It is important to the tanker. At the same time, the brand of the axles and tyre is optional for you. Noted these information, maybe you will know you whether get a worthy tanker trailer.

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