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How should I choose a lowbed tire?

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As a typical support tire, the trailer rear tire plays a vital role in the fields of trailer load, braking, driving, and even auxiliary shock absorption. Generally speaking, the lowbed tire of the trailer can be divided into two categories: discs and drum types. The subdivision can cover the lowbed tire, the third -line six -axles bridge, the eccentric bridge, the special bridge, and so on. Today, we focus on introducing low tablet tire.

What does the lowbed tire look like?

From the perspective of appearance, the low tablet bridge is better to distinguish between ordinary lane tire.

Under normal circumstances, the rotation part of the lowbed tire, such as braking drums and wheels, is smaller than ordinary tire, so the height of the shaft beam is also shorter.

lowbed tire2

Why does the lowbed tire adopt such shape design? This also needs to start from its application field and application needs.

What are the main areas of low tablet bridge?

lowbed tire is a special bridge for low flat semi trailers.

lowbed tire, commonly known as large boards in the industry, such as 17.5 or 13.75 large boards. According to the announcement, these semi trailers are specially used for transportation heavy trailer, rail trailer, mining machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery, and other non-dismantling large goods, and can also be used for the transportation of car vehicles.

The structure of the low flat semi trailer generally uses a concave beam shelf, that is, the front section is the goose neck, the middle section is the cargo platform, and the rear section is the wheel frame. Remove the wheels and then fix the machinery and equipment on the semi railer.

Compared with other types of semi trailers, the low center of gravity of low flat semi trailers is lower, so the stability and safety during transportation are better. In addition, when transportation is super high, the ability to limit high road sections is also stronger.

lowbed tire3

lowbed tire can meet this transportation demand. Because it is shorter than other tire, it is more conducive to reducing the focus of the trailer and improving transportation stability. In addition, it is also more convenient for the cargo to get on and off to help improve the passability of the trailer.

Performance requirements of lowbed tire:

As a low flat trailer, a bridge, lowbed tire also has a certain difference from ordinary bridges in terms of performance requirements. Let's take a look at the related technical standards of low flat trailers.

In March 2020, the Ministry of Transport issued an announcement to redefine the technical specifications of low flat plate semi trailers. In terms of outline size limit, the original standard of low flat semi trailers requires length ≤13.75m, width ≤3m, and height ≤4m. New requirements will be placed to 3.4m. The quality of the tablet is ≤10T, the new requirements are three -axles ≥ 42T, and the five -axis is ≥55T.

lowbed tire4

Compared with other types of semi trailers, the loading capacity of low flat plate semi trailers is 140 square meters, which is much higher than the volume of standard compartment semi trailers, and even equivalent to the total loading capacity of the mid to center car+rear car.

This requires lowbed tire while in low center of gravity and strong passability, but also has higher strength and load bearing capabilities than ordinary tire, and stability is stronger.

The production of the tire often goes through a series of processes such as heat treatment, sandblasting, direct, rust-proof, precision processing, and welding. Next, let's understand the most critical processes in the production process of lowbed tire.


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