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How much is the semi trailer disc brake axles?

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The disc brake axles, also known as the plate type axles, is named after the shape of the metal block used in it. When braking, the calipers are fell to the brake plate, and the friction has a braking effect, the semi trailer which is applied more on the passenger trailer.

However, with the implementation of the "Technical Conditions for Motor trailer Operation Safety Technical Conditions GB7258-2017", the plate axle has begun to shine on commercial trailer. Install the semi trailer.

the semi trailer2

The reason why the plate type axle can "get up to the latecomers" into the official axle designated by the official is three points:

One is that because of the brake of the plate type axle is more sensitive, stable, and the heat dissipation effect is good. the semi trailer does not need to be installed with additional water heaters. It is also better than the drum axle in terms of heat attenuation and water resistant attenuation performance.

Secondly, in order to enhance the technical safety configuration of the three axles railing board and fence semi trailer, the application rate of such trailers in the industry is relatively high, but the level of technical safety is relatively low. Forcing the use of disc brakes+empty suspension can improve safety to improve safety, which can improve safety. The coefficient, which can also reduce the overload to a certain extent. After all, compared to traditional configuration, the semi trailer empty suspension is not very dominant in terms of heavy loading.

the semi trailer

Third, the plate axle has relatively few applications on domestic commercial trailer, but the penetration rate of America and Europe, which starts and develop earlier in the trailer industry, has a very high popularity rate, the semi trailer and the experience of the international market has also provided a certain reference for domestic.

However, compared with the traditional drum axle, the price of the Panhaqiao axle is generally high, most of which are concentrated between 6000-7000. Some brands can reach about 9000 or even about 12,000, of course, there are about 3,000 cheaper.

When choosing, the owners should not just look at the price. The processing of the axle is not only as simple as cutting, welding, and assembly of the steel pipes. the semi trailer is necessary to go through a series of processes such as heat treatment for molding, sandblasting, precision grinding, intermediate frequency induction, and fatigue test. The higher the product, the higher the safety of the product. As for the cost of these processing processes, the semi trailer may be more than two or three thousand, and then calculate components such as raw materials and wheel bearings. This shows how much a qualified bridge processing costs are about how much.

the semi trailer3

If the owner is relatively rich at hand, you can choose a big name product. Although the brand premium rate is relatively high, the semi trailer the quality is relatively guaranteed. If the owner does not want to pay for the brand premium, you can choose those products that are cost effective. They enter the market earlier, and the process, quality and technology are also trusted. The key prices are relatively affordable and can help the owner reduce the cost of trailer use. If possible, the semi trailer is recommended to check the factory on the spot to see if the manufacturer has the corresponding production conditions.

The plate type bridge structure is simpler than the drum axles structure, and there is no design adjustment arm. Many trailer owners believe that the brakes are not adjusted without adjusting the arm. This is inaccurate. There will be gaps under time, so you need to adjust manually.


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