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Fudeng double deck car carrier semi trailer for sale

A car carrier trailer is a semi trailer used to transport vehicles such as sedans, commercial vehicles, and test vehicles. Whether it is purchasing a car from another location, using a car from another location, or transporting a passenger car, they can all be transported using a car carrier trailer. It play a very important role in automobile transportation.

Product Description

The type of car carrier trailer varies depending on the transportation requirements. At present, there are three common types of sedan transport vehicles.82903278-76D8-4598-8180-F37D5F162A41_org

1. Single axle twin

This model is designed with one axle and can accommodate four tires. It has low cost, moderate load-bearing capacity, and a large middle space in the lower layer, making it particularly suitable for transportation of hybrid sedans and SUVs. Its disadvantage is that the height of the bearing surface at the tire is slightly higher.

2. Double axle single tire

Designed 2 axles that can accommodate 4 tires. One axle is equipped with only one tire on each side, and its chassis is relatively low. The characteristic of this car is that it has a large space in the middle of the lower layer starting from the rear end of the gooseneck, making it suitable for loading models such as mini vans and SUVs.

However, due to the influence of vehicle width and tire width, the inner width of the vehicle body is relatively small at the tire location, making it relatively difficult to pass through when installing wide body vans and SUVs.

3. Double axle twin

This is a type of vehicle that is widely used in the transportation of semi trailers, with a 2-axle design and a total of 8 tires that can be installed. It has the same characteristics as dual cycle single tire products: low chassis, large space from the rear of the gooseneck to the middle of the lower layer, and strong load-bearing capacity. More suitable for models such as mini vans and SUVs.637e4c46218d8e9fbf2979f249b928bb_org

These are the common car models in the current market. If you want to learn more about semi trailers, you can contact us at any time and we will provide you with the most suitable purchase plan.


Place of Origin

Shandong, China




Truck trailer car trailer


car transport


light tare weight


Carbon Steel


triangle 12r22.5


Dual Line Braking System

Suspension System

Mechanical Spring


24V, 7 ways harness


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