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Do you know the ways and precautions for HOWO sinotruk to keep out the cold?

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      Do you know the ways and precautions for  HOWO sinotruk to keep out the cold?Winter can be s HOWO sinotruk, but we can handle it if we're prepared for it. So today, FUDENG Automobile is here to tell you what we need to do to prepare and maintain our HOWO sinotruk in winter.

1. HOWO sinotruk hange the engine oil Winter temperatures are low, and engine oil can become very sticky in freezing conditions, especially when the HOWO sinotruk is just starting up. Too thick lubricating oil will cause greater engine resistance, difficult to start, and even cause wear and tear of individual parts, which will be very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to change the lubricating oil into a viscosity level suitable for the local climate and temperature at the beginning of winter.  

2.HOWO sinotruk eplace the antifreeze coolant  Engine coolant is also very important, because antifreeze coolant also has a service life of about two years is generally recommended to replace, otherwise the condensation point will gradually rise, causing the coolant to freeze in cold conditions.  

3. HOWO sinotruk eplace the gear oil  Gear oils are also available in a variety of viscosity grades for different ambient temperatures. If the viscosity level is too high, it will cause difficulty in shifting gear when the gearbox is cold in winter, and the drive axle running resistance is large and the fuel consumption is high. Therefore, HOWO sinotruk necessary to change the lubricating oil into a viscosity level suitable for the local climate and temperature at the beginning of winter.

4.HOWO sinotruk heck the battery  Batteries are known to wear out in the winter, and if they are not in good condition, the engine will not start. In order to avoid the sinotruk halfway breakdown, be sure to check the state of the battery in advance.  As long as the above thought routine preparation measures, our HOWO sinotruk will be able to face the winter. But it is not enough to prepare the HOWO sinotruk. We also need to prepare the corresponding preparation work. After all, a good working environment is also the premise of safe driving.

5.HOWO sinotruk ncrease the thermal cover Add a warm cover to the front mask of the model, so that the engine can reach an ideal working temperature as soon as possible, ensure that the engine warms up quickly after cold start, save fuel consumption at the same time, reduce engine parts wear caused by low temperature. In addition, can also improve the thermal effect of the cab, so that the  HOWO sinotrukd friends in the winter driving more comfortable.  Here we have to praise the wisdom of HOWO sinotruk people, HOWO sinotruk friends in the layout of warm cover, can be divided into universal, special custom type, simple homemade type, etc., HOWO sinotruk friends buy their own, there are gas stations as a gift, but also the team or logistics company issued unified. Search on some treasure, its price is also between 10 yuan and 50 yuan. The overall cost performance is relatively high.  

6. HOWO sinotruk heck the warm air system Before winter, we should do a warm air check and clean, in case the warm air system has not been used for a long time. Warm air failure can be divided into two situations for inspection:

(1). The air conditioner fan does not run, check the relevant circuit and air conditioner fan motor, etc.;  

(2) If the air conditioner fan is running but the output air volume is small or there is no hot air, check whether the exhaust pipe is blocked. The reason for no hot air is that the water in the warm air pipe does not flow for a long time.


     Winter  HOWO sinotruk should pay attention to the method:

1. HOWO sinotrukt ire maintenance Tire for rubber products, rubber in the lower temperature will become hard and relatively brittle, friction coefficient will also be reduced. Winter comes, ordinary roads become hard and slippery, water will soon become smooth ice. Such road conditions are prone to rear-end collisions and steering out of control. In a snow day or even a few days after the snow, the slippery road surface and the solid ice formed after rolling, the performance of the tire is more tested.  

2.HOWO sinotruk iper and glass water maintenance and selection  Winter temperature is too low, poor quality wiper will appear cracking, affecting driving safety, should be replaced. If the windshield wiper is found to be "frozen" on the windshield, it is best not to drag, not to use hot water directly, light will lead to the damage of the windshield wiper, heavy may make the windshield because of sudden temperature changes and burst. Don't use a cleaner as a glass water in winter when it's cold, as the cold temperatures can cause these alternatives to freeze.  

3.HOWO sinotru aintenance of sinotruk chassis and body  In winter, it often snows in northern areas, and in order to melt the snow on the road as quickly as possible, snowmelt agents, which are generally corrosive, are used. Sinotruks driving on the road, inevitably will be stained with a large amount of snow melt agent,  HOWO sinotruk can not be like passenger  HOWO sinotruks to do chassis rust treatment. But the sinotruk needs to be cleaned frequently.

4. HOWO sinotruk nspection of sinotruk lighting Winter is prone to fog and frost, resulting in reduced visibility, coupled with slippery road, if the lights are not complete, easy to cause a certain safety hazard for driving. Therefore, before entering the winter, it is advisable to replace the damaged bulb of the sinotruk in time. The color temperature of the winter light is generally controlled at 4000K-5000K.

5. HOWO sinotruk  should we pay attention to when parking in winter?  Winter need to park, should choose the sun, wind, flat, dry place to park, do not rely on buildings, poles or other sinotruks, in order to prevent side-sliding collision. If the parking time is too long, the engine should also be timely started to preheat, to prevent the water tank from freezing. In order to prevent tires from freezing on the ground, sand, wood, wood and other materials can be laid under the wheels when parking on wet and ice covered roads.  

6.HOWO sinotruk preheating in winter  Diesel engine is based on the compressed heat of air to  HOWO sinotrukry out combustion fire, cold start when the heat loss is large, fire becomes very difficult, now the engine is mostly equipped with preheating plug, can be used in difficult start. Because of the difficulty of startup owner in order to successfully launch sinotruks, use naked light baking pan, nozzle, oil filter, such as location, this is a very undesirable, because baking sinotruks caused by the burning incident, in addition to the flame roasting, there are several common solution to the cold start folk, such as adding preheating device, use the liquid, use an external battery forcibly boot, etc., But both will have a bad effect on the sinotruk. In fact, the best way is to choose the right oil.


     Finally, FUDENG Automobile reminds you once again: high temperature, extreme heat and extreme cold can affect our buses in a variety of ways, so in order to avoid this situation, it is a good solution to make full preparations in advance. As long as the sinotruk is prepared, it will be able to perform well in extreme conditions and give us better benefits rather than losses.  If you want to know more information or you are interested in our products, welcome to inquiry!


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