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CNG Trailer: 11 Dos and Don'ts

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CNG is compressed natural gas. The natural gas with methane as the main component is pressurized to 25Mpa and stored in the storage tank of CNG Trailer. Compared with gasoline and diesel, CNG has the advantages of low cost and high safety. CNG Trailer is generally a tube bundle frame structure, and the number of tubes can be designed according to customer requirements. In the process of using CNG tube trailer, there are some important matters that need special attention to avoid accidents.


CNG Semi Trailer Safety Inspection:

1. Check the CNG semi trailer low disc traction pin for flaws such as scratches, cracks, looseness or premature wear.

2. Check the pipes and joints of the CNG trailer brake system for cracks, damage and air leakage. If any abnormality is found, replace them in time to ensure that there is no air leakage in all parts of the braking system and the braking is flexible.

3. Check the tire for cracks, damage and deformation, and the wheel nuts should be tightened without loosening. If any abnormality is found, it should be replaced and repaired in time.

4. The outriggers can be raised and lowered flexibly, the inner gear of the gearbox rotates flexibly without any abnormal noise, the inner and outer cylinders of the outriggers are free from cracks and damage, and the nuts on the installation site are firm and not loose.

After checking the above items, make the inspection records before running the CNG tube trailer. Abnormal operation of the vehicle is strictly prohibited.


Pollution of CNG trailer:

Under normal operation, the blowdown valve at each bottle mouth and the aggregated valve are closed. In order to ensure the normal operation of the CNG trailer, it is required to discharge the CNG trailer once a month. When discharging CNG trailer, the following steps should be strictly followed:

1. The residual air pressure in the container should be between 0.4Mpa and 0.6Mpa

2. Connect the sewage pipe and lead it to a safe place.

3. Open the blowdown valve of each bottle, and open the blowdown aggregate valve for blowdown.

4. When the pressure in the bottle drops to 0.3Mpa (the pressure gauge only measures the pressure in the sewage bottle), close the sewage valve and the sewage summary valve at each bottle mouth.

CNG tube trailer safety operation points:

1. Drivers and escorts must fully understand the performance of CNG tube trailers and the operation of each device accessory, and master the basic characteristics of the transported medium, road transport safety regulations, knowledge of fire prevention and fire fighting, and the correct use of fire-fighting tools.

2. The CNG semi-trailer must be dedicated and must not be mixed with other media.

3. CNG trailer is strictly prohibited to mix natural gas and combustion-supporting gas.

4. The CNG trailer must be filled in strict accordance with the specified pressure of the purchased vehicle.

5. It is strictly forbidden to knock or collide with the bottle pressure vessel.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use flame, plasma cutting, digging, or welding to repair the bottle body.

7. After the CNG semi-trailer is filled with medium, it should not be exposed to the sun to avoid heating up too fast and the pressure rising. If necessary, use water to cool down.

8. The gas in the bottle pressure container shall not be exhausted, and the residual pressure in the container shall not be less than 0.1 Mpa.

9. During the filling operation of CNG semi-trailer, the filling personnel shall not leave the scene, and the driver shall not start the vehicle; at least one person should be left to guard when parking on the road.

10. Fireworks are strictly prohibited at the CNG trailer loading and unloading site and near the tanker. Tools and items that are easy to generate sparks are not allowed. Only lighting appliances with rubber explosion-proof casings are allowed to be used for lighting.

11. When the tube bundle of CNG tube trailer is repaired, it must be empty, must not be loaded with medium and must be parked in a well-ventilated place without open flames.


The above are the precautions and requirements when driving CNG tube trailer. For everyone's safety, please be sure to strictly follow the regulations.


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