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Buying Trailer Tires: 3 Things to Consider

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Choosing the right tires plays a vital role in the driving experience of your trailer. The tires are subjected to all the gravity of the semi-trailer and the cargo, the wear of the tires by the road surface and the test of high and low temperature to ensure the normal driving of the semi-trailer. Therefore, when choosing tires for trailers, you must consider various factors and choose the most suitable trailer tires for you. Here are 3 things to consider when buying trailer tires.


1. The speed level of the tires

The speed rating of a trailer tire can reflect the performance of the tire. We can see the speed level on the label on the side of the tire, which is the maximum safe driving speed of the tire. The tires perform best when the driver stays below this speed. Commonly used trailer tire speed levels are J (100km/h), K (110km/h), L (120km/h), and M (130km/h). We recommend choosing tires with a tire speed level greater than your usual speed of 20km/h, so as to meet the speed requirements and ensure driving safety. 


2. The carrying capacity of the semi-trailer

For trailers with larger carrying capacity, radial tires are recommended. Radial tires are a form of trailer tires. There are the following 4 advantages:

(1)This type of tire has a large contact area with the ground, strong grip, and small pressure on the ground, so the resistance is small and the service life is long.

(2) Radial tires are thicker and have a hard protective layer, which is not easy to be punctured.

(3)Good cushioning performance and can carry more weight.

(4)Good heat dissipation, it has an advantage in high temperature and high speed driving.

Semi-trailers with lighter loads can choose to use tubeless tires, which are cheaper to purchase. Compared to wire tires, tubeless tires do not have inner tubes. Tubeless tires have good elasticity and wear resistance, and have good grip.

Due to the tubeless design of the tubeless tire, it has a good performance in terms of safety, comfort and stability.


3. Trailer driving environment

Mine: The road surface of the mine is complex, and the tires are strictly tested. For such road conditions, engineering tires can be purchased. The engineering tire has a large pattern, which can effectively avoid the damage of debris to the tire, and can also provide a good tire grip to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle.

Ordinary road: Because the road surface is flat, we recommend customers to choose tubeless tires. It has good longitudinal rigidity and is suitable for medium-speed driving on ordinary roads.

Sand roads: When driving on sand roads, the semi-trailer should keep a low speed because the sand roads are very soft. Lightweight semi-trailers can be fitted with bias tires. Bias tires can provide a larger tire contact area and stronger grip on soft sandy roads, and are fully suitable for this road surface.

Through the analysis of the above three points, I believe that you have a direction for the purchase of trailer tires. We recommend that you refer to the advice we provide you when purchasing trailer tires, so that you can buy the most suitable semi-trailer tires for you.


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